Lady bites fellow diner at nice steakhouse


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Peter Luger is one a them fancy pants NYC restaurants where the gatekeepers of America haughtily sate their thirst for exclusive blood. Are we sure this wasn’t just David Brook’s confused friend, having a complete panic attack because the waiter asked her how she wants her ribeye cooked?


The chomping perp gnawed on the victim’s right forearm

That’s going into a song, no doubt about it.


Deep Steak this, Deep Steak that


“Jeez, what’s her beef?”


Contrary to popular belief; human tartare has other ingredients.


Were the staff slow in bringing the bread sticks?


So it begins…


Well, it’s all flesh. I see no issue here. :hocho::skull:


Did he taste like chicken?


Lol, did the Daily News and the Post get over their political differences and unite to create the most insane tabloid in NYC?


United States Of Zombieland


My cat: “to me, people taste somewhere between bacon and mouse”


I’ve been to PL’s several times (the one in Bklyn’) and I’ve never found it to be fancy pants in the restaurant proper. Open to all social strata willing and able to afford the best steaks around. (What I have seen are overly dressed gentry-wanabees at the bar in the front room, trying to impress their dates and friends, though.)


Our office cat does that to his ‘official’ owner sometimes during our meetings.


I have one that thinks my ankles are a tasty treat when I am too slow with opening up cans of wet food. I have another whose reaction to belly rubs is to try to fit her whole mouth around my hand.

Its less “I am trying to hunt and consume you” and more “pay attention to me” sort of thing.


To be fair, some of those steakhouses make you wait a really long time.


I’m too much of a cheapskate to eat there for steak. But I’ll gladly go there for lunch and have a burger.


“pay attention to me” sounds about right. I wonder if that could be boiled down to frustration. When our cat wants treat and is not getting them (paces by filing cabinet where those are kept, with he meowing away) he – along with nibbling on us – paws and scratches the carpeting.


That is not ladylike behavior.