Landlord calls Homeland Security to "determine the meaning of the deeply carved writings" on table


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“Sir, it appears to be the logo for a band called ‘Def Leppard.’”


This reminds me of why I stopped renting to buy a house. It really sucks to have to live at the mercy of a landlord who can be either bat shit crazy or incredibly stupid.


Homeland Security on it!


Mistaken identity, as usual. That was Santa.


Everything is under control.
The Mgt.


It’s a good thing he didn’t call the FBI. They have a history of wasting time on investigating minor vandalism under the pretense of preventing crime.


Thank god for the rentier class, keeping this country safe and providing housing to the undeserving.


“Sir, it appears to be a crude depiction of a penis.’”




Apparently, the carvings suggest that the reader GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER


Fixed it for you.



Anybody want a hot ding dong?


I love the bell curve.


Betcha she thinks the carvings are some scary threat in Arabic. Because of course, that’s how all terrorists make their threats known.


Honestly if the situation described by that crazy landlord is even somewhat accurate it would have been my fellow renters that drove me out.


You think it’s Santa, but you’re misplacing the laugh:

Do they all sound alike?

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