LAPD sees no link between alleged Musk stalker and private jet location tweets

Originally published at: LAPD sees no link between alleged Musk stalker and private jet location tweets | Boing Boing


The point anymore isn’t to reveal that Musk is disingenuous, petty, and hostile, but just to document further evidence so that no one forgets later, sort of how the only reason to listen to Trump anymore is to use his words against him in a court of law.


I know we’re not supposed to make assumptions about anyone’s mental state but this story does seem to be suggesting “police talked with the guy and concluded he’s not quite all there” as an explanation for why there haven’t been any criminal charges yet.

In his conversations with The Post, Collado acknowledged he has an interest in Musk and the mother of two of Musk’s children, the musician known as Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher. Boucher lives in a house near the gas station.

In his communications with The Post, Collado, who said he was a driver for Uber Eats, also made several bizarre and unsupported claims, including that he believed Boucher was sending him coded messages through her Instagram posts; that Musk was monitoring his real-time location; and that Musk could control Uber Eats to block him from receiving delivery orders. He said he was in Boucher’s neighborhood to work for Uber Eats.

Though it wouldn’t really surprise me if this guy’s paranoid and as-yet-unsupported claims about Musk turned out to be true.


No link to “ElonJet,” huh? Gosh, what a surprise. Plus, Musk’s “my family is in jeopardy if anyone knows what city I’m in” argument is extra ridiculous, as in this case, it was about Grimes being stalked. It didn’t matter what city Musk was in - he wasn’t even there - much less if anyone knew it. (Leaving aside that Musk himself reveals his location via Twitter on a regular basis, so he’s clearly not that concerned about the level of information that “ElonJet” was revealing. At least when it came to his location. His frequent, CO2 producing jaunts being embarrassing were another matter.)

Don’t need to assume anything when they come right out and demonstrate it.

If it wasn’t true before, it’s almost certainly true now.


Or perhaps the alleged “stalker” is just another member of the California paparazzi out to get some photos to sell.


Let’s not forget how Diana and her partner died… being stalked by paparazzi… :woman_shrugging:


I’m shocked that Musk could be so wrong about something.


Fair point. But while they bear some responsibility in her tragic death, they weren’t there to assassinate her, which is what Musk is claiming about the photographer.

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Just pointing out that this can have real consequences… but of course, it seems like the stalker is focused on Grimes, not Musk, anyways. Which would explain why the cops have no interest in doing anything about it, because they rarely do when women are stalked.


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