Larval form


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This is like, only it instantly triggers your fight-or-flight response.


Sociopaths share similar facial expressions when trying to pander to an audience. Who Knew?



To be fair, lizardoids don’t show emotions the way we great apes do, and they need a lot of practice to make their flesh suits emote properly.


I wonder if there’s a Manson corollary to Godwin’s Law.


I love a good “Drumpf” in the morning, but it’s time to move the conversation to someone else, if ya know what I mean.


Holy jebus, is that a person, or an animatronic machine emulating someone’s face?

So squicked out now…how have I gone without seeing drumpf as anything but a still pic on a news story?


I really wish they would upgrade the software on those suits. I’m sure they can do better than this these days.


I get that they’re horribly repugnant organisms, and that most people’s first response is to vomit or smash them, but comparing them to the immature forms of insects? That’s a low blow.

Why all the hating on larvae?


Kill it with fire.


Shkreli is proud of this?


The Drumpf-zoid clearly needs a new suit, the one he’s got isn’t binding properly and looks like it’s about to fall off any second.


I think there was something about that - obviously very pre-Godwin - in The Shockwave Rider.


Maybe it’s like the “Are you a narcissist?” question.


It’s vile, yet logical at the same time, and now I want brain bleach.


It’s the best Drumpf of the day!



… Oh god, my eyes, someone pass the mind bleach… Manson burned a hole right thru my brain.

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