Laura Ingraham is full of hate because her father was a Nazi sympathizer, says brother

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I did NAZI see that coming…


I did NAZI that coming, as well.


So it WAS a Nazi salute and she turned it into a wave just to pretend she was clever? No, I did Nazi that coming either. Sheesh… what a crew they have over there.


…and the former-guy-45th president was raised by an adherent to the KKK - so… “full of hate because father…” applies equally?

yes, there are lots of faked-up photos of fred trump wearing KKK regalia, but here, at least, is his bail notice after his attending a KKK rally in Queens


Hopefully a bit of sympathy for the kids today just like her as a child; surrounded by hate, anger, intolerance, authoritarianism … how can we expect them to turn out any different if we don’t give them pathways to change?

I think a lot about how during WWII Petain replaced “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” with “Work, Family, Homeland.”

Clearly those raised in homes where the second motto prevails have a warped outlook on human progress in the 21st century.


Agreed. It’s hard, though. Unless you know the family personally and can intervene, you don’t really see any of this until the kid is an older child. When they’re teens exhibiting this behavior, they’re often written off as being a lost cause. There’s little sympathy offered to them then.


There was a copy of Mein Kampf on the living room bookshelf.

Granted, my father had a copy on the shelf in his study, but he was a theologian and church pastor before he changed over to marriage and family therapy, so…research?

Of course, his eldest son is Trumpist, but second son (me) is the complete opposite. Eldest son never had enough interest to crack open any book, let alone Mein Kampf, while I already knew what it contained before I noticed it.

Go figure. :man_shrugging:

ETA: He had many history books, so I’m quite sure Mein Kampf was just part of the resource material.


Owning/reading Mein Kampf alone shouldn’t be an indicator of anything. It has huge historical significance and is useful in understanding how the Nazis rose to power, and recognize the beats of Mein Kampf being repeated today. Obviously not everyone who reads it/reads a summery of it is a Nazi nor becomes enthralled by its message.

If one has that book and also says things like, “Hitler had some good ideas.” it may then be an indicator of bad things.


For certain Americans of Ingraham’s and Biff’s parents’ generation, the sympathy with fascist regimes persisted well beyond the war against and defeat of Nazi Germany. This is why some of their more noxious children took on the slogan “America First” without hesitation and with pride, 70+ years after the organisation that first used it was exposed as a nest of fascist sympathisers.


gotta say, he’s probably right. she and trump sound like they are cut from the same nazi cloth for the same reasons.


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