Lauren Boebert has an "I'm not a witch" moment, denying lurid rumors about her when no one asked

Could be. So far, none of what the people who made those claims about her have shown any proof about them. :woman_shrugging:


Over a month ago, Boebert said she was going to sue the org that made the claims. So far, nothing has happened. I suspect that neither party wants to go thru the “discovery” phase.


And neither have they dropped any evidence to back up their claims, which was my point.

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Maybe this is like the story about Lyndon Johnson proposing to spread a rumor that his opponent fucked pigs. When his manager protested that there was no evidence for such a heinous accusation, Johnson responded “I know. I just want to hear the son of a b_tch deny it.”

Escorting Ted Cruz is the new pig-fucking.


His body contains roughly 10 octillion carbon atoms. I mean, that’s pretty cool.

Shame. We could use more witches in congress

Most witches I know want nothing to do with Boebert, and that is a good start. Just keep the TERFy minority out and it all sounds good.


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