Lauren Boebert thinks America consists of 437 people obsessed with Hunter Biden's laptop

Originally published at: Lauren Boebert thinks America consists of 437 people obsessed with Hunter Biden's laptop | Boing Boing


I wonder what percentage of Americans think boebert is a fucking idiot.

Hey Americans:

  • Boebert is an idiot
  • Boebert is a fucking idiot

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If I understand this correctly, her claim is that people who care deeply about Hunter Biden’s laptop mostly believe that Hunter Biden’s laptop is something you should care deeply about.

Huge, if true.


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As far as I can tell the worst thing reported to be on Hunter Biden’s laptop is a handful of nude selfies.

I wish that the press covering this story would put it in the proper context, which is “Republicans demand to see Hunter Biden dick pics.”


Washington attorney Abbe Lowell, who took over as Biden’s counsel in December, sent the “litigation hold” letters on Wednesday to 14 people allegedly linked to efforts to generate coverage critical of the 53-year-old son of President Joe Biden, according to a person familiar with the development.

From day one it sure looked to me like Giuliani procured that laptop and in conjunction with the repair shop guy concocted the story that Hunter dropped it off (who drops off a laptop for repair then never collects it, and what kind of shop takes that work without also getting good contact info and a deposit?)-- the whole story is so sloppy and reeks of someone who holds press conferences at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.



This here is likely what’s truly driving all this.

All those sexually repressed conservatives just want to see some D.


the fact that his private property was stolen and his personal information disseminated. Thankfully, they’re finally acting like that’s the real story.

And it’s about goddamn time.


With all polls a response of 30% is considered good. Even then some think that people lie because they want to give an answer they think they want. Now if it’s a poll done by a partisan group, then all bets are off, because the questions are framed to get the kind of answer they want. Basically what I’m saying is that polls are becoming irrelevant


Polls might be questionable, online polls doubly so, but this far worse than that - this was specifically a poll of "adults who said they had been following the Hunter laptop story ‘closely.’” I.e. it’s a poll only of people who care deeply about (some delusional misrepresentation of) the Hunter laptop story. And, unsurprisingly, it found… they think this is a significant story. They didn’t even have to frame the questions in a particular way, as the filter that guaranteed them the desired response to the poll was build into the existence of the poll itself.


There potentially is some “there” there with the laptop. As in, there may be evidence of impropriety on Hunter’s behalf. There’s not really any evidence of that on Joe’s behalf though. Decisions to not report the story were arguablyreasonable given what was known at the time, but ultimately complete dismissal of the story was premature. That said, it was almost certainly part of an attempt to meddle in elections, most likely by a foreign power and the hesitance is pretty understandable. And what was the result? The matter being referred for investigation to the appropriate departments, as is probably appropriate. Biden appropriately refusing himself from the investigation and refraining to comment publically on the matter, which - while potentially being a good move politically by coincidence - is absolutely the expected conduct for a person in a position of power who is aware his comments might inappropriately influence the conduct of investigators. Not surprised that the GOP is incapable of recognising what that looks like.

And there’s certainly no evidence for the huge range of other ridiculous assertions like “maybe this Chinese spy balloon has sometime to do with Hunter Biden’s laptop”. Yeah maybe. We can project literally anything when we’re just asking questions about the contents of a closed box we can’t see. Maybe Tucker Carlson has emails about the Chinese spy balloon on a secret server. I have no evidence of that, I’m just asking questions. Why isn’t the FBI literally looking between Matt Gaetz’s buttcheeks for classified documents?


Even if there is… do we really fucking need a congressional hearing to grandstand on it? Just turn the fucking thing over to some law enforcement body (FBI, local cops, whateever) and let them deal with it… This isn’t about anything Hunter Biden ACTUALLY did. This is about right wing grandstanding that does nothing to help anyone.

Has it? Because it just seems like a bunch of assholes wasting everyone’s time to get on TV to me… Just like fucking Benghanzi, “butter emails,” and the original distraction hearings, Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

they don’t give two shits about corruption… all they care about is ensuring that no democratic administration gets ANYTHING productive done, so they can gets votes for themselves and keep tearing down our country and any progress we’ve made in the past century.

We give them the benefit of the doubt at our peril. This congress ESPECIALLY. There are actual fascists in there, so we need to push back hard on their BS and stop playing the both sides game.


My first thought when I heard about all this way back then was “This computer repair guy has a hard drives full of nudes he has stolen off of customer’s computers”

Let’s investigate that


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i mean, seriously, this shit is a distraction from the suffering they are causing. Buying into their narrative of democratic corruption that needs endless congressional hearings, with literally NO outcome only furthers their goal of having us stop paying attention to them going after all sorts of marginalized people…


They continually manufacture as much bullshit as they want and the “liberal media” eats it up and spews some bothsides vomit over everyone. I am so fucking sick of it.


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Even this part of the headline seems a bit too generous for the Republican attention-getter of the moment.


News just in … In a related poll, several million Americans, when asked, said “who is Hunter Biden and what is a laptop?”
Several thousand said “I thought this was about HUNTING Biden’s lapdance - our President should not be doing shit like that”
Like - it’s that relevant.

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