Lauren Boebert's big whopper as she suddenly — before midterm elections — supports veterans (video)

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i had a lot to say about this hypocrite, this lying, idiotic, sack of sleaze who isn’t fit for any type of job, anywhere. but i’m going to just relax and try and let this one go. we have seen and heard way too much about this POS already.


Dear Lauren Boebert,

That is all.


We stand firmly in support these chemically injured veterans with our thoughts and prayers.


I can hear that gif. Weird.


Am I being cynical when I think most veterans will overlook this blatant hypocrisy to vote for the Party of Real Men with the BANG BANG Big Guns and Not Little Sissy Liberals Who Care About Shit and Stuff?


I think you are.

Veterans are a very diverse group.


happily, my family in CO is looking forward to voting her out.


Sadly, her district is so solidly red that there’s really no chance in hell that she’s getting voted out. She already survived the Republican primary which was the only real chance of pushing her out.

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Especially since the Vietnam War. And it gets more diverse as time passes.

A lot of MAGAts picture an old white guy when they think of a “veteran” but that’s just not the reality. Progressives should be better than that.


well, not with THAT attitude!


I don’t speak for MAGAs. I figured MAGAs, like all “Real Conservative” loved the vets and the American Flag when it suits their narrative to do so. And I personally and unfortunately know half a dozen vets who are also MAGAs.

As a liberal*-progressive, you’ll have to forgive my pessimism. American politics and the ever-shifting self-expression of white supremacy, kleptocracy, and croney corporatocracy is enough to really wear a guy down.

(* I am told by my far-left and tankie friends that “liberal” is now a slur against anyone not convinced that a total Marxist revolution is the only solution for our problems. I guess I’m getting old, and I don’t want to become one of those old people that used to annoy me… )

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Like any other random group, there are veterans that will happily vote against their own best interest out of sheer ignorance or to own the libs, but as @NukeML notes, we’re a more diverse group than common media would have you believe. For most of us, it has not been lost on us that the GOP sees us as disposable tools, to be used and tossed aside when we’re broken. That doesn’t mean everyone is ready to vote Democratic, but it at least makes a lot of us think carefully before checking that box next to the candidate with the R after their name.


Here’s hoping she gets to return to the private sector that she lives so much very soon.


Which is to say, only when they don’t have to do anything. As soon as it involves doing work or appropriate money for veterans, Republicans are suddenly invisible.

Nothing to forgive. I get it. I’m right there with you.


The Lauren Boebert House o’ Contaminated Pork Sliders?


In every photo I see of Boebert, she seems to aspire to be a Bond villain, but just can’t get out of that G.I. Joe villain genre.

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Except they don’t even really do that.

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Sorry you have tankie friends. They are at minimum A LOT.