Lawsuit says Juul shipped a million contaminated pods

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A scumbag company long before the scumbags at Big Tobacco acquired it. Shocking.


I hate vaping so much, I am having a crisis of disgust as to who I dislike more in this.


This reporting is so frustrating without any mention of what they were supposed to be contaminated with.

Contaminated with dioxin? Probably bad.
Contaminated with kitten tears? Less bad.


The lawsuit will probably discover what it was soon enough.

Though it’s hard not to make comparisons to the lung-illness thing. That’s been primarily THC carts, but some portion of victims say they only vaped nicotine…


Fixed that for you.

Lawsuit says xxxx Jail shipped a million contaminated pods

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What about metadioxin? That’s a compound, which is like compound interest; a jolly good thing to have.

It’s too bad they didn’t ship it on a MAX.

Hey, if the poors were all gone then the riches could only screw each other.
Well, anyway…

Do you even GxP, dudebro?

I hope it costs you dearly.

I’m consistently never amazed when horrible people are caught being horrible. It’s like confirmation bias in action. Yep. He’s a douche. Knew it. Next!

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