Leading DNS experts say they've found a secret dedicated link between Trump and a giant Russian bank

were you looking at the first, second, or third log release? The first one was the smallest of the three, but they keep releasing larger sets when demanded to by the press.

no. I explained why it was so “interesting” that they were doing that search, it is explained in the article and is not as “interesting” as you implied. it is rather ho hum.

yes. the article lists the researchers who analyzed the data.

of course, whether or not this is worth looking into further or not won’t be determined by any of those things, so i’m not sure the point of pulling those threads.


okay, fair enough, I shouldn’t have said no one. :slight_smile:

my point was thinking the use of this map is done conspiratorially by “these types of shows” is disregarding that this is the standard map that every US show, school, whatever typically uses, and isn’t some conspiratorial plot on the part of the show itself.


We already have one of those … it’s called a sphere.

The issue is that there is no way to translate a 3D sphere onto a 2D sheet while retaining all spatial and geographical relationships. You always have to sacrifice something, and the only question is which bit(s) of inaccuracy you’re prepared to accept.


Yes, you’re very clever.


The cold war document “Soviet Military Power: An Assessment of the Threat” does not use the Mercator Projection.

It’s still paranoid.


I’m not enough of a map nerd to recognize the projection.


Wrong thread! :wink:


To be fair, for always. It’s history is pretty tarnished. COINTELPRO, the assasination of Fred Hampton, not to mention it’s former leader, J. Edgar Hoover, who had some questionable motives on his surveillance in the 1960s… Let’s not even get into it’s earlier history.


I was actually thinking of that strip :smile:

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We’re doing that now. We have been for quite a while, actually. We fund them and seek to moderate them via private conversations, rather than public diplomacy. Whether that actually has done any good (what do you think the Yemeni population, on the brink of starvation would say?) is another question entirely.

For the record, I’m all for dropping our close ties with the Saudis, but I also know that they’d just go to another power in the world. Which is likely why we keep them so close. We dont’ want them aligning with Russia or the Chinese. But in doing so, we are managing to prop up their attempt to create a hegemony in the heterogeneous Islamic world.



So “these shows” aren’t using Mercator maps “to make Russia look scarily bigger than it really is.”? My tinfoil hat must need adjusting…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I said “meh” to the first point and didn’t think it was intentional, but I agreed with the second point. Didn’t imply anything about intelligence. Sorry if that is how it came across. :couple_with_heart: words eh? :sunflower:


sending good wishes for whatever you are dealing with! :sunflower::blossom::sunflower:


Can we go back to the days where people didn’t just scream “Cyber” at the drop of a hat, and techies could sort this stuff out in peace? I don’t know, maybe we’re just hitting a bump in the whole end user education curve.

I’m just going to put this here:

And walk away slowly.


I got the impression on first viewing that article, that the author might have felt the same.


Fucking GoDaddy? Of course.


The Allies were engaged in a direct military conflict with the Axis. The US and Russia are not in a military conflict (currently). So I think it’s okay to criticize the Russians using their military’s cyber-warfare division to target the US, given that that kind of belligerence doesn’t promote peaceful relations but is the kind of attack that’s likely to escalate mutual hostilities. The US/NATO aren’t pure innocents, and it’s fine to criticize them as well, but that doesn’t excuse the Kremlin’s attacks.


Are you seriously suggesting that NATO is not engaging in equivalent attacks on Russia? We already know about the attacks on Iran’s centrifuges. My own default assumption is that they are all at it, and as the US has far more resources, they are probably at it more than the Russians. The Russian economy is only about the size of a large EU country.

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But daaaad, he’s hitting me back!