Leak: Trump will allow US companies to buy "conflict minerals" that fund terrorist warlords in the DRC


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You say “conflict” I say "competitive market "



Uhm, Obvy! What else would we expect from The Antichrist?


The short-fingered vulgarian really is a masterful magician. While he distracts us with idiotic tweets using his right hand, he is dismantling society with his left.


Are… Are we the baddies?


The free market at all costs, right?

Next up: rolling back anti-trust laws.


Don’t be silly; there was supposed to be a 3-7 year period of “false world peace” preceding the apocalypse, and initially the Antichrist would be ‘adored and lauded by all…’

That sure as hell ain’t 45.


Why not cut to the chase and just declare human blood as a legal form of currency in the United States?


Also there is supposed to be peace in the holy land and a bunch of other signs that didn’t happen for Regan, bush, Clinton, bush II, or Obama.

So please no Antichrist8st jokes. Given I literally slammed the family bible in mom’s lap when that shit went around MySpace about Obama during his first campaign and demanded she show me proof or dial up our pastor so he could?

Include me out. Thanks.


New policies that specifically benefit Intel huh? Yeah…seems legit.


Chill; I’m not the one who made the joke - I just responded to it.

Soylent Green, for realsies?


Jobs! Or something.


As happens, though, I guess different people have picked out different interpretations. For instance this little comic was apparently based on a version familiar to the author:


One might argue that the complacency many progressives came to feel under Obama (I consider myself part of that group btw) might qualify as “peaceful times” when compared to the global averages of death by warfare over the past 5000 years of recorded history (good chance that they were actually the statistically least violent years, in that span?) it’s all relative, Melz. :wink:


Why am I thinking that Trump’s wall requires a blood sacrifice?


FYI my version of the “Antichrist” moniker relates much more directly to my own personal understanding of the quite New Agey notion of “Christ Consciousness,” and what the logical inverse of that would be.


Oh, that never happens in religion; the hell you say!


Having “done some time” as a member of a pentecostal church in my youth; I remember their ‘interpretation’, all too well.


Did you get to speak in tongues? Reading Snow Crash way too many times at a formative age baked into my head that speaking in tongues somehow relates to the cyberpunk Apocalypse, thus, I am all for it. :wink:


Alright. For me it’s a case of a this thrown around wrongly too often and with too much belief to feel comforted associating with.