Leaks from inside Trump's White House suggest staff are alarmed by his volatile and erratic conduct

Are you saying that if you were him, you’d be a zombie?
Zombification would explain a lot about what’s happening at the moment.


Technically the Roman Empire split. Perhaps the US will do the same.


Ah, just as predicted by GITS:


I’m not seeing the Pence / Bannon connection. I’m not seeing the GOP / Bannon connection to be honest. I think if Trump goes Bannon and Conway are looking for new work and ghost writers.


Is it the same people though? I had the impression that the people who nursed him through the election had all been given major positions of power and influence as a reward, and the people freaking out are white house public servants who are living through this shit show in their place of work each and every day.


After this debacle the US public and lawmakers should seriously think about reigning in the powers of the President. That one person alone is able to curtail civil/human rights without even consulting lawmakers or the judiciary and able to start a shooting war (with nuclear weapons) on a whim is neither exactly democratic (i.e. checks and balances) nor reassuring.

But who am I kidding - nothing will change, people who think having the best democracy and country on the planet (“it’s fantastic, trust me, everyone loves it”) are resistant to advice.


All real billionaires who do business internationally have no knowledge of macroeconomics.

Three am calls…isn’t that what he has Jared for?

Next up - he drunk dials the Queen for advice on NATO.


Except George Soros (one of my kids is a friend of a macroeconomist who is paid rather a lot to advise Soros.)


I had been thinking 45S, personally. Don’t know why. Maybe for “substitute”. Or maybe I had iPhone naming in my head.

Either way, I checked on Wikipedia and noted that replacement-presidents are given their own full number. So if we’re going to use the ‘a’ suffix for people who had replaced the original president of that number, then Trump would be 36 rather than 45. (since we’d be taking numbers away from John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Gerald Ford.

…although I guess Theodore Roosevelt got re-elected for a second term after replacing William McKinley, and so that would have bumped him up from being president number 21a during his first term to number 22 during his second term. Same with Calvin Coolidge (25a during his first term, 26 during his second term), Harry Truman (28a during his first term, 29 during his second term), and Lyndon B. Johnson (31a during his first term, 32 during his second). So… that would put Trump at number 41, by that method of counting.

You know what? That’s all getting pretty complicated. I think I’m going to stick with the regular “If you’ve had the title, you get a number” naming. It hurts my head less.



Who couldn’t have predicted this? Oh. That’s right. Idiots. Idiots who are sick of experts.


I’d love if he called Soros for advice in exchange rates.

But he’s going to just go with strong - it sounds better- nothing associated with dear leader will be described as weak!!!


This has been on my mind a lot lately. Bannon is an extremely cunning, tactical dude. We’re only a couple skips away from a President Bannon, and that is wholly unacceptable.

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He would not be the first ruler who is completely out of touch with objective reality and is run by his interfacing staff. Didn’t “Mikado” originally mean “Honourable Gate” because the empire was actually run by the civil servants?
He wouldn’t be the first completely bonkers ruler to survive his reign without deposition either, e.g. George III (who, let it be remembered, was as unpopular in Britain as he was in the US; most English people seem to have been on the side of the Colonists. When the cat is away with the fairies his minders can get away with murder).


The wrong state abbreviations are messing with my head.


I think the tax reform thing might be the most telling. They really need to get it done ASAP while they have the pres. and both houses aligned. And since it is heavily legislative the houses have a lot of say over that and if he goes on tinkering with everything it should be pretty obvious.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I thought that the only permanent staff were the ones who ran the house itself (cooks, gardeners, cleaners, etc.)

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It’s obviously Jared Kushner.

He’s getting even for Trump constantly hitting on his wife.


What’s on? Ugh - another episode of “Presidents do the Craziest Things”? That always seems to be on these days. Is this a repeat? Nope, I think it is a new one, but I can’t really tell any longer.

[ switches to the cartoon channel ]


Impeachment is for “high crimes and misdemeanors” which, though he might have committed through his business dealings or possibly his dealings with Russia over personal matters, I think it would be unlikely to be initiated or succeed - at least at this point.

What you want is a 25th amendment action; declaration that the president is unfit to serve. That would need to be initiated by the Vice President, and require approval by majority of the cabinet, or majority of both house and senate.

Personally I think a finding that Trump is incompetent would be even more satisfying than impeachment for corruption.


Paddy Power has been giving 4/1 odds of an impeachment in the first 6 months of his “presidency”, and 6/4 odds that he won’t finish his first term: link.

Other notable picks:

  • Next country to be travel-banned is Mordor: 500/1
  • Golden shower footage shows up on redtube: 4/1