Leaks from inside Trump's White House suggest staff are alarmed by his volatile and erratic conduct

Exactly. Those are the very types of people that tend to be invisible to Trump’s type of people.


It’s too bad “having a horrible demeanor” isn’t the same thing as a “misdemeanor”.


Don’t hold your breath. The following article contains a very good primer on the impeachment process.


I don’t claim to be an expert on mental health. I’m just a guy with his own (albeit minor) mental health issues.

But why is everyone so quick to suggest that he’s got an actual mental health issue?

Can’t he just be “fucking stupid as hell” coupled with the luck and privilege that money can buy?


Why don’t we just call Mike Flynn and ask him? What time is it? I’m sure he’s up. He’ll know that answer, I’m sure of it. He’s got the best answers. Also, where’s the fucking light switch?


Because it’s not power he craves, it’s attention. Not necessarily praise (once upon a time he framed critical articles about him and put them on his wall next to the gushing puff pieces), but attention (positive or negative) that takes him seriously and treats him as legit. His childhood must have been pretty horrible to turn him into such a needy attention monger, but never mind.

This is what comes of never bothering to do the homework – Trump appears to have been blissfully ignorant about how being president is a thankless, stressful job that requires a lot of work, and it guarantees that lots of people will despise your every move (and deny that you are serious or legit) the entire time you are in power.

Now he’s got the thing he thought he wanted, and is discovering that oh dear, it’s not anything like the egoboo of having your own TV show. He probably thought that being president was like being a TV show celebrity, only dialed to 11 - even more fawning sycophancy from men, even more putting up with his groping assaults for a chance for career advancement from women. The reality is quite different. And now, whether consciously or not, he is having to deal with the fact that he doesn’t enjoy his new gig.


I think Bannon would have words with you on that.


Doesn’t he look tired?


Until someone goes on the record, or until we have video or tape recordings from inside the White House, this is “fake news” as far as many Americans are concerned.

Trumps instability and erratic behavior are old news. It didn’t seem to matter to voters three months ago.


It also is taken as ‘GOOD the insiders are scared. Let them be!’


The third alternative would be Republicans who accepted jobs in the new administration because, hey, first Republican president in 8 years. And are now discovering that oh dear, this guy could really damage the GOP brand.


I’d venture to say that it probably is fake news. Seems too good (bad?) to be true.

I can’t wait for 48 because his presidency’s gonna be a hoot.


Oh, maybe he should rather have called one of his greatest admirers, the widower of the late Sza Sza Gabor: Frederic Prinz von Anhalt (not an actual prince), who complained on german television that the Dollar was too weak and that ‘in the past’, you could actually buy stuff with it when you travelled to Europe, but now you can’t even afford a cup of coffee for American Dollars. Don’ll fix it, he said.


I’m for 45.2

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That’s one category: WH staffers, members of the permanent bureaucracy, others who know how things normally work. There are also his own staffers, who are constantly knifing each-other in the back as right-wing authoritarian thugs are wont to do.

Assuming that these behaviours aren’t expressions of chronic mental illness, the situation in the executive branch is still pretty dire. It’s bad however you look at it.


As much as I like to read HP, these are the same people who are reporting that Dorthy was ravaged by Munchkins. Tabloid material best served at supermarkets.

Wake me when they have actual footage of Trump wandering around the Ellipse in his bathrobe speaking in tongues.


This despite his having been one of the main ringleaders in doing exactly this to Barack Obama.

You’d think he would have got it, but of course that would have required awareness of how he was affecting other people.


To be fair, they’re reporting that JG’s ex husband wrote a book revealing that she was harassed and groped by the little people on set. I don’t find that idea implausible, even if it is unsupported.

I will add that if you watch the video clip of the interview with JG about her time with the little people on set, her stories are pretty offensive. Is that when America was great?


Because of the highly narcissistic behavior.
Lies about verifiable things, gets angry when his lies are challenged, makes everything (even black history month) about himself.


Everybody knows empathy is for sissies.