LED log light


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we need some instructable fast…
in the meantime: http://www.instructables.com/id/Wood-lighting/ , http://www.instructables.com/id/Segmented-Log-Lamp/


Strange but nice. For the next version, control of the level and color of the LEDs?


Does it do time travel? Can I mean Edith Keeler?


What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs…


You beat me to it!


The Ren and Stimpy one is still open, go for it!

Oh wait, wisconsinplatt already hit it.


I also made the “Gateway to Forever” connection.


I’m sure there is a math joke that is still available. I can’t figure out what special character or formatting is required to make the base show as a small character below the line after “log”, so I gave up.


log2(4) = 2
log<sub>2</sub>(4) = 2


Star Trek? (The other one.)


I have a lead log, but it doesn’t light up…


Of course it doesn’t. It’s made of lead.

If anything, it would heavy up.



Reminds me of my son’s favorite joke.
“What’s brown and sticky?”
“A stick.”


Illumibowl: it’s like a nightlight for your toilet!


Now to actually critique the design.

The raw LED ribbon looks unfinished when it is off, and possibly when it is on in real life.

I’d install and then cover with Epoxy and lightly sand to diffuse it.

This will effect the LED lifespan due to heat most likely. But…it’s a LogLight. Are you really going to pass it down to your grand children?


It’s nice, but I wouldn’t let it anywhere near that one football coach.




…and over your neighbors dog