LED stick person costume for toddler


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This is WAY too good! I hurt myself laughing.

Yeah this is the best.

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Wow. A costume that looks awesome and is one-hundred percent safe for wearing out at night. Not that you should let your toddler go out alone, but if you do at least he or she will be easy to find.

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So damn creepy!


Thank you! I think it’s an awesome idea and wonderfully executed, but - gah! - there’s something inherently creepy about watching a thing that should not be real (a stick figure) walking around like that.

Creepy, safe and brilliant

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Pak’nSave (New Zealand low cost supermarket) should hire him …

my first thought was, “gah – that stick figure guy i see out at burning man every year has reproduced!” haha

Nathan Fillion made a costume with EL wire that had 14 figures he could choose from with a rotary switch. Nobody knew it was him inside.

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I have a similar costume made from EL Wire that I bust out most Halloweens. People often ask what are you? “Stick figure” has been my reply. Super easy costume that wows them!

I did a similar thing once. I wrapped myself in christmas tree lights and assumed a fetal position on the front lawn in a nativity scene. Instant baby jesus. The extension cord limited my range.

So – for full realism, add a black fedora: xkcd BHG!

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The lamp!! Love.

Here’s some more at about 8:20…

I don’t have the original source.

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