Lesley Gore, singer of "It's My Party," RIP


And then there’s her best song…


She appeared the TV show Batman as Catwoman’s side kick “Pussycat”. Also she came out as a lesbian in 2006 which is interesting to note when listening to the lyrics of her songs and the decade they where written.

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For a cool synth-pop '80’s version of “It’s My Party,” check out Stewart & Gaskin’s version!

These two are still putting out what they call “pop music for adults.” Highly recommended!

Born in Brooklyn, raised in New Jersey! In the 60’s she was the shiznay girl singer!

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Absolutely the best. I played that one a lot as my kids were growing up.

After all those years singing about crying at parties I hope she gets in a good laugh at her funeral.

The worst of the 60s “beach” movies - Ski Party - is saved by the scene where Gore sings “Sunshine, Lollipops” on the bus to the chalet. (Well, that and a completely weird appearance of James Brown singing “I Feel Good” while wearing a Christmas cardigan.)

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I’m bummed out, she was a wonderful singer.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts also did an excellent, and faithful, cover of “You Don’t Own Me”.

Completely agree, and here’s my favorite cover:

My favorite version:

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