Let down by the Internet


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From “totally not related” to “creepy and gross,” I am not sure this is positive momentum.


You didn’t ask the right question for positive momentum.




I dunno, but I just ordered the Star Trek outfit… Uh, for my wife, yeah, OK really for me, but…




I was shocked that my catalog didn’t have one on my website.

Also I must fire my SEO guy because I don’t see my site in the screenshot.


Ha thanks. That just kept getting awesomer and awesomer.


Unfortunately, contemporary Hillary clothes aren’t so distinctive. But I would totally dress like 1969 Hillary. If she still wore pants like those I would vote for her twice!


As I say when mentoring programmers …

If you are getting the wrong answers, maybe you are asking the wrong questions.


Would it be fair to say “you are disappointed by the Internet” ?


The internet cannot fail, it can only be failed.


Actually it’s a Pink Floyd’s The Wall costume*.

*At least that’s what it should be.


I don’t know what the hell that was, but I wanna get a matching suit and jump around the yard with her. She looks like a good time.


Is that supposed to be Angus Young in the lower left hand corner? :neutral_face:


Try the search term “womens pant suit costume” by starting with sexy you seriously skew the results. The internet works fine. PEBKAC


But does it have pockets? :wink:


Good question.


This collection of donald trump masks is so much better.


That does not compute. :confounded: