Liberal Tears Gun Oil

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Since we had a topic about that silly picture with gun oil labeled “Liberal Tears” here a couple weeks ago, I thought I would drop this picture here. It’s a real thing now.

It is pretty funny. I am sure it will sell like hotcakes.

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Yeah, I bet it will sell like crazy. I have to admit, the teared-up donkey was kind of clever.

I am praying to Arioch, Duke of Chaos that it’s extremely shitty, low-grade oil that will fuck up your gun, and thus the Cosmic Balance will be restored.


I’d almost be willing to bet that it’s just some other gun oil that’s already on the market, just repackaged and sold at a premium.

Hehe - now they need to make some that are bacon scented.

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Doesn’t Hoppe’s smell delicious enough for you?

Also, bacon-scented gun oil may or may not lead to a lot of people trying to drink it…

Do people spend a lot of time drinking bacon-smelling items where you are? Is that a thing?

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I’m pretty sure that the only reason that it’s not a thing is because there aren’t enough bacon-scented items around…


The only bacon-scented liquid I am aware of is probably hot bacon grease, which probably doesn’t lend itself well to drinking no matter how nice it smells.

I just don’t think bacon-smelling liquids is going to take off. At least I hope not. “New, BaCoke, with the real scent of hickory and mesquite!” I’d rather we went back to clear Pepsi.

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You clearly haven’t met my friends…


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