Liberty University, toxic site for sex crimes, says the big problem is the that White House leaked evidence of sex crimes coverup

It’s not a defense of Liberty, it’s a defense of Christians who aren’t fascists…


If you click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the response, you can see the comment being replied to. (For this one, it will be yours.) In this case, it was another “all religious people are bad” comment.


I grew up in Alabama, surrounded by a culture dominated by such people. The reason that place and other ReThugliKKKlanner-led states are failed democracies is their religious worldview, which promotes a garden-variety of fascism, a surrendering of personal and collective power to a source outside of one’s self.

We have neofascists marching in DC and assaulting LGBTQs, Muslims, Jewish folks, women, and others, because people refuse to acknowledge the threat of this religion’s worldview.

Yes, it is a generalization - one that is factual.

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And I do not practice or promote hatred, so stop reading into such comments, please.

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That religious people are bad? No, it is not.


Regularly scheduled Face Consumption will resume once digestion is complete.



What exactly is “this religion”? Is it Christianity? Is it a specific type of Christianity? Are you sure that you aren’t making unfair sweeping generalisations about all Christians?


Liberty University also claims it’s been threatened with a $37.5 million fine for its alleged Clery Act violations.


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