Limbaugh says, "Moore was Democrat at time of sexual abuse"


Just, wow. I’d laugh out loud, if this wasn’t persuasive to some:


Rush fucking Limbaugh. The turd says egregious shit for a living, so he has it down to a fine art.

I suppose being a turncoat like Moore amounts to being born again.


Well, unless the party switch went the other way. Then it would be Treason.

“When he supposedly was attracted to inappropriately-aged girls — he was a Democrat,” Limbaugh added.

Jesus tapdancing christ, it’s like he’s crafting his syntax to imply the exact opposite of the situation.

The girls weren’t “inappropriate” anything. If we wanted to be honest and not try to throw shade on the girls, the phrasing should be “inappropriately attracted to underage girls.”

The girls did nothing inappropriate. What a desperate hog of a misogynist. “Inappropriately-aged”, as if they can age up 4 years at will and somehow tricked the grown-ass man.



Also “inappropriately aged girls”? Um… as if the age the girls are were their fault?

Yep. Always has been and always will be.




I wonder what the over/under is on “new allegations of sexual misconduct by Rush Limbaugh” surfacing soon?




Pure evil!


Unfuck that globulous tub of reconstituted shit.


I wish upon him the most efficient way of getting annoying public figures to go away without further discussion. auto-erotic asphyxiation


That does seem to be one kink that people tend to automatically shy away from, doesn’t it?

Especially if one happens to suffocate to death from it.

Capital idea, old chap!


Of course, Moore, being a hardcore evangelical, who’s lost his position as a judge for 1st amendment violations, is going to get out of this clean.

“Jesus forgives me, I reckon, you should too.”


And I thought my fantasy life was weird. :wink:


Meh. Probably so was Trump.


Ol’ Rush will say anything to stay sorta relevant. No lie too big, no lie too unsubtle is ever not going to pass those almost imperceptible lips.


I’m not gonna care if Limbaugh is Republican or Democrat when he’s dead. Just as long as he’s dead.


Well, there was that bit about sexual tourism, but he explained that he was high on illegally obtained drugs at the time, didn’t he? Totally legit!


The world will be a better place when this guy’s corpse turns up in a cheap motel room on a rubber sheet coated with Crisco and boiled okra, his pecker stuck in an inflatable wombat sex toy.