Linkdump: Robotic newspaper archive, NY cop vs teen snowball fight; Dune coloring book; LOVEINT; Canada's PATRIOT Act & more more more


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My friend and fellow Dune afficianodo just hit me with a fine piece of commentary on the coloring book image of Muad’Dib: “Nice, but I’m going to have to go re-read the book to find out what color the Weirding Module should be.”


They use 800 numbers in New South Wales?

I guess you could make a reverse boiled egg - if you like your yolks cooked to crumbly dust and your whites runny. Funny thing, I haven’t heard anyone express that particular preference…

What a surprise: the cop was white and the young men whose snowball fight he broke up at gunpoint were black.

Impressive guy. I’d probably get cramps after the first few minutes.

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When I first read “NY cop vs teen snowball fight” I momentarily assumed that the cop stopped to have a snowball fight with some teens. It’s nice to know that I still contain a small amount of optimism, although wrong.

there’s no links and the formatting is broken when viewed via BBS. this only seems to happen on Cory’s linkdump posts. what’s up, @codinghorror? the symbol is breaking it?

Probably invalid HTML, what does the w3c validator service say?

I… don’t know what that is. sorry. I can make a screencap, if that helps?

you’re saying that, on your set-up, when you hit “show full post,” it doesn’t look like this?

Does the same to me.

The source in BB shows a <DT>/<DD> style list.

The source in BBS shows a correspondingly formatted plaintext (line breaks/paragraphs are conserved but all the tags are gone).

Hypothesis: Something strips unknown/unfamiliar tags for safety/security, and the DT/DD tags are too unusual to be unfamiliar to that part of the software.

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