Lions ate suspected poacher


Poachers taste like Chicken Coward


They’d hang it in the den, no?


Hip, hip, hooray! More! More! More!


How do you say “why not both?” in Egyptian?


Am I a terrible person for laughing out so loud when I read the head line on the phone while riding the subway that the other passengers turned heads?


Too bad the lions didn’t cook pieces of the poacher in a shallow pan of liquid at low temperature.

(I’ll see myself out.)


What do you call one poacher eaten by lions?

A good beginning.


In training.



They left more then his head. The BBC story says: The animals left little behind, but some body parts were found over the weekend at a game park near Hoedspruit.


Fair play.


…for the day you have the heart attack in the easy chair and there is nobody to replenish the food bowl. Cats always plan ahead.


No, but the lions still won anyway for a change.





They never give me enough dipping sauce!


Lions ate suspected poacher


The Lion Sleeps Tonight … and a nap after dinner, too, methinks.


:open_mouth: Wow, just watched a clip on YT from that movie, it is amazing Melanie wasn’t killed but they wouldn’t of stopped the camera from rolling if she had.


Say what? That was Tippi Hedren.


Actually, dogs are far more likely to eat you than cats. Cats are picky.