Lions ate suspected poacher


Fun, useless trivia on that film:

Ted Cassidy (The Addams Family’s Lurch) worked on the screenplay for Roar. He had previously done screenplay work on 1973’s The Harrad Experiment, which was based on Robert Rimmer’s once infamous, now largely forgotten, sex novel of the same name. Both Harrad and Roar starred Tippi Hedren, so I would guess Cassidy met her on the first film which led to his work on the second.


I’m fairly certain they share a family.


Big game hunting , the ultimate challenge of man vs beast!


4 out of 5 lions prefer their breakfast poached - a little takeaway for you


HA HA HA!!!..

No wait… Standard BB reply “I wouldn’t wish violence etc… on someone else or anything, so this is actually horrible.”

My response: NO IT’S NOT!!! This is awesome. Finally, score one for the underdog (or underfeline in this case). If you don’t want to get eaten, don’t go poaching lions.

(I’m conflicted tonight…)


Poaching from the Lions …




The daughter of Tippi Hedren’s character was played by Melanie Griffith (her real life daughter by Peter Griffith).


Another man killed by pride.


I watched the whole film.

Trainwreck is an understatement. From the very beginning you can see the actors are having difficulties with the big cats and very nervous around them.


That is why cats build up years of practice by nipping at you for fun. They are getting themselves used to the taste of people.



It’s certain that the lions are losing badly, but to be fair i doubt they are still at 1.


Is this called a comment loop?


Oh I agree, but it’s not like I’m going to bring the scorecard over to the lions and ask for confirmation. In the case of counting “devoured by lions” I shall accept third-party confirmations, AND ONLY third party confirmations.


Delicious irony


Well, I don’t know, I bet the hunter tasted gamey.


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