Listen to 1960s NYC folkies

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Pretty amazing setlist.

They could have left off Ives–he ratted all the others out to HUAC.

Saw some of these performers back in my misspent youth–saw Dave Van Ronk more than a few times. Always great.

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The pictured 4-string banjo looks too small for a tenor, more like my banjo-ukulele, but rather worn. BTW I did the singing-guitarist thang in Washington Square and Tompkins Square circa 1968, and played in some “coffee houses” too, under permit restrictions. (One needed a “cabaret license” to legally perform on a stage, so I finger-picked from audience seats.) The old Greenwich Village folk-music scene was not easy to survive. I did better, later, around San Francisco’s touristy Fisherman’s Wharf / Cannery / Ghirardelli Square area, or near any cable-car turntable. Learn to be loud, hey?


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