Listen to Donald Trump's first campaign ad—a radio spot

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I would read this graphic novel!
Where is your kickstarter!


Of course it’s a radio spot, the guy phones everything in. He would’ve done it for the debates if it was within the rules.


No, but thanks for the offer.

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We laugh…but his kind of old-timey kick-ass rhetoric is beginning to resonate with large segments of the citizenry.

Admit it: after what just happened in the Sinai lots of people (in the US) would like to see a rootin-tootin, can-do America just get in there to “quickly and brutally cut off the head of ISIS.” We wouldn’t ask for the world’s permission…nor would we seek its forgiveness afterwards. Fuck 'em, Bada-bing, bada-boom…problem solved. Now let’s go beat up Mexico, take their lunch money, and use it to build that wall. If they gripe, smack em upside the economy with some trade sanctions until they shaddup.

Now…where’s my hat? Make America Great Again! Yeah!!!

I’m hoping volume of ads doesn’t continue to inversely correlate with polling success, or there’s a serious risk that in two months time, there won’t be any advertising that isn’t Trump themed

He does have the face for it.


Could he pander any harder? I guess he missed “Abortion, a total mess. I’ll ban it.”


I always laugh at that “I’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it” line.


It bothers, me, too. Yes, there’s been cutbacks in the military, but afaik don’t we have a larger military than, oh, the rest of the world? I know we spend more than the rest of the world on military, and we have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world, so surely it’s the biggest by a long shot.

And you’re right. It resonates. Somehow they think that we’ll be able to cut spending without touching Social Security and Medicare; not only that, but we’ll be able to spend more on the military, and have lower taxes and lower debt and deficits because reasons!

And those pesky Mexicans ? He’ll get rid of them, send them back home, and there’s no way they could, oh, just work for an American company in Mexico. Just looking at a depressing website like Free Republic or Breitbart tells you that, yeah, that’s what they think he’ll do. And somehow he’ll get the government out of businesses’ way, while forcing those businesses to make things in America, using American-born workers.

About five seconds of common sense kicking in should cure anyone of those notions but I’m not holding my breath.


Last time I looked, the US spent more on ‘defence’ than the next 10 largest spenders combined. To put that another way, the US could take on the UK, China, Russia, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, India, and South Korea, all at the same time, and in dollar terms it’d be a ‘fair fight.’


“I don’t disappoint” … LOL. Sounds like a plan.

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By spending, or personnel?

Can’t have a country without borders? Challenge accepted! Nice place you had here.

One of my family (by marriage) has spoken up this week as being a Trump supporter with some brain-defying reasoning. “Because he’s such a rich guy, he’ll know what to do. Since he’s going to want to protect all of his money, this means he’s also going to protect mine. And yours, and everybody’s.”

Is “protecting money” the president’s job?
Does anybody become “a rich guy” by helping everybody else to keep their own money?
Does the guy have any experience in politics at all?

My questions didn’t encourage any consideration at all, they had already made up their mind, without so much as a single fact to cite.

It’s been a loooooooong time since mere raw numbers mattered on the battlefield.

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It’s down to the next seven now, with a $18.6B buffer, which more than covers the estimated $10B defense budget of the DPRK, a country we’re slightly more likely to go to war with than the UK or Germany. I’m not sure if military aid is counted towards our defense budget but if not you gotta tack that on to our $610B. (Or presumably take it out, if it’s aid we’re sending to all these countries we’re going to war with at once.)

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Fixed it.

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I’m gonna do some really great stuff (that for some reason I can’t say right now).

We’re gonna have the best military. No one will mess with us!

Obamacare is a disaster (it is?) We’re going to replace it with something “better” (that neither myself nor party after 8 years can tell you for some reason).

Really? He sounds about 8 years old. He has zero plans. Zero budgets.

Just : "some people are saying we’re going to look into some great things and do the best stuff".

You couldn’t try harder to sound more fake and non genuine.

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