Trump is mad that Michelle Obama called him out for being a birther


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He has other issues:


Trump has the media strategy down to a T. When in doubt, deflect and fall back on your talking points.


He is just an unending sewer of stinking effluence. What a fuckface.


Just more garbage for the hate trough that his base drinks from.

Oh and Mr Cheeto,



And it works out so far. His followers still celebrate it. The bitter truth is that the birther bullshit is just the stuff they love.


The USA spends more money on it’s military than the next several nations combined, even under Obama. So the question then is “what amount is the safe amount?” We spent less under Reagan, Nixon, Kennedy and Ike, were we unsafe then? Oh, those monsters!


(edit: You’ll note that second graph is from the Heritage Foundation, and they like using weighted words like “Carter era of neglect”, but the numbers are the numbers.)



The Heritage Foundation one was interesting because it shows an uptick and labels it as neglect. I also find it amazing that our defense spending fell so far during the first Gulf War. Was this fat being trimmed from the budget to make room for actual troops, troops that ended up being unnecessary because the war was over so quickly?


He’s gotta’ be mad about some shit, it might as well be about a real person calling him a real asshole.


considering the actual numbers, if it wasn’t the heritage foundation, I would have pinned it down to cynical snark.


Many of which come straight from a junior high school playground. This is a variation on “I’m rubber, you’re glue…”


Yeah, that really struck me. Also the “Bush Catch-Up” - catching up to what? Not to previous spending, which it exceeded, not to any spending by foreign governments, which it outstripped by orders of magnitude…

“I’m rubber and I heard some other kid eats his boogers, so why are we talking about me.”


At the risk of stating the obvious; this is in constant (inflation adjusted) dollars. Which just makes it even more fucking insane.


Yeah, it kind of gets to the heart of my point: if Obama not spending as much as Trump made us “unsafe” for eight years, then by that logic if the next president spends more than Trump then Trump made us unsafe. It’s like they think we have to always spend more, every year, forever, “catching up” to some always inflating standard.


Please tell us more about our military, Cadet Bone-Spur.


I don’t disagree that Trump sticks to his media strategy. I’d just like to point out this isn’t so much like the act of a healthy, intelligent human being, but rather more like the perseveration you see in some neurological disorders.


It is like having to do Thanksgiving dinner every god damn day.


The end of the Cold War? For some time they called it the Peace Dividend. Didn’t last long.

ETA: Imagine that: conservative politicians extolling the benefit of a decrease in defense spending. Good times!


He’s such a shitbag.