Listen to this blistering version of Secret Agent Man, played by Luna Lee on the gayageum

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Now I want to hear her do the theme for The Prisoner.


Love it!

And now, please watch Moyun’s virtuosic Hotel California. She creates her own backing track on the fly with looping and… well, she just does some incredible stuff.


Very silly story ahead: …worked for an pharma research company, which hired many H1-B visa folks (and typically treated them poorly -sigh-). Yet, i benefited by meeting many utterly fascinating Chinese chemists. They loved to sing (and Karaoke), often in ‘secondary’ english, and “Secret Agent Man” was one of their favorites. i was listening better than usual so was prompted to ask him, after he sat down, what he just sang, and he quite honestly thought the lyric was “secret Asian man”.


I can’t listen to that song, I just can’t do it.

That’s what you say… but how can I believe you… MaiqTheLiar!

But if that really is the case, I can sympathize, and offer these alternatives, so that you may still appreciate her skills. She really is next-level.


Oh, thanks.
Yeah, she’s incredible.


When I was younger, I had misheard the lyrics as “secret Asian man”. I’m not sure how to feel about this.


Man, that warps me back to 15 years ago when I used to play Anarchy Online and at the Gridstream Parties (live DJs playing stuff for players to gather and dance to in game) all the Agents would demand this. Not an easy or popular Profession but local chat would be spammed with “Secret AAAAAGEEEEENT Maaaan!” as various crates, pot plants and other holographic disguises used by Agents to snipe from barreled around the place. Good times.

That seems to be a common experience.

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I understand. Once an agent, always an agent. No escape.

Bruce Willis does a good version too! In fact, I’m rather fond of his whole album.

Hudson Hawk is grossly underrated.

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Voodoo Child, hands down. Fight me!

Astounding. :astonished:


Cesar, Antony, are you okay?!?

It seems strange to reference Bond. The song was written specifically for the Secret Agent series (the American release of Danger Man), John Drake played by Patrick McGoohan.

Quite the West to East twist there. Per a long-ago NPR KCRW story, some early Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles had menus featuring unintentionally humorous items. For example, one item description, in an attempt to make it understandable to those who didn’t understand Chinese, conflated “roast pork” with “rump roast”. The result: “Pork Pump”

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No, um, that other song.
The one about a descent into hell, which, the experience of listening to is also
a descent into hell.

Something about a hotel called California, I think?

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You can stab that song with your steely knife, but you just can’t kill the beast.