Nancy Sinatra sings about her secret agent

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It was a movie, though not a very good one and on my list of I should possibly watch this.


Bob Howard?

I wonder how much the choreographer was paid?

OK, Nancy, now spin to the right. No, no. Knees together. Great job. Just make sure you’re facing the camera while you’re lip-syncing. Perfect, baby!


Dude, what a CRIME! Those boots were made for . . . dancin, walkin’, anything but SITTING!


“Got his degree from Disneyland”


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Filmed in the miracle of TWIRL-O-VISION!

Wow, so many kinds of just plain awful.

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Video is actually for “How Does that Grab You, Darlin’”, which explains the lack of audio synchronisation, espionage and evil getting punched in the face.

Awesome tune tho. Up there with Beat Happening’s “I Spy” as far as spy-themed hijinx goes.

I love pop songs that romanticize government workers.

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