Literal breadboarding, with toast and Vegemite


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I can smell the vegemite just by looking at the pictures.


Finally, a use for vegemite!



At a guess that slice of toast would be good for about two amps, slow blow.


Me too. I need to order some more.


Not for me thanks. My doctor says I am already conductive enough.


Electronic toast? Whatever next? I may have to change my avatar (again).

But I’d like to see it done properly (i.e. with Marmite solders)


I thought it was going to be some sort of torture. Covered with vegemite and bread until it simulates…umm drowning… being buried alive in toast… who knows


Was going to type this exact sentiment but NukeML’s mind moves much faster than mine.

In solace, i will “literal” quibble thee this: “Literal breadboarding, with toast and Vegemite”, but where’s the “board?” Well there is none here, and so your “literal” is sent to the principal’s office. There is a thing called a “breadboard” and it’s a board upon which we slice the bread, and it’s that which once was used for “breadboarding” circuitry, via nails driven into the wooden breadboard [nerdish snigger]




I object to this waste of perfectly-good Vegemite. Besides, all true blue, dinky-di Aussies know that to get the best out of your vegemite, it’s got to be eaten with butter. Don’t know what that would do to its conductivity, though.


Why not go all organic:


Software engineers eat their own dogfood, but with proper deployment of toast and vegemite, hardware engineers can now eat their own prototypes.


Brilliant. By using Vegemite it is unlikely to be eaten by mistake.


In an alternative world semiconductors would be made of brewers yeast rather than silicon, electrons would be renamed Jaffas, email would be known as Coo-ee, biometric access to computers would require you to insert your finger into an apparattus and utter the word “Crikey” - those who failed to do it in time would receive a bite of a suitably lethal poison. And Starbucks would become a chain of pubs.


I would like to point out that this is has not been evaluated by the Toast Marketing Board yet.


Waste of perfectly delicious vegemite.


Capitalist institutions like the Toast Marketing Board should be abolished in celebration of Bread Santa’s birthday.


I first learnt to make circuits using a wooden board, as suggested by the Ladybird book of Simple Electronics:


The Toast Marketing Board is all that stands between us and the Goliath Corporation.