Little Brother optioned by Paramount


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Please don’t let them make it shit


Grats Cory @doctorow!


Do you have any creative control in the venture?


Yes, for the love of all that’s good and excellent, please don’t let them fuck it up.


Anyway…hope not.


His contract clearly states that he can spend his royalty check any way he wants to.

(I kid. If I was in Cory’s shoes I’d probably sell out so hard that Marcus Yallow would spend half his screen time extolling the virtues of Pepsi products at the behest of Michael Bay.)


Ka-ching for Cory!! That sweet sweet film industry lucre.


“creative control” – right.


Connected to the move to La-La-Land?

EDIT: Produced by the Transformers guy? So, Michael Bay to direct?

You should totally insist on getting that @Donald_Petersen guy on board.


So can you afford London now?


Just praying they don’t hire one of the One Direction guys to play Marcus…



Oh God.


Congratulations! I hope it is everything you envision!


Does this mean you’re going to make money off DRM? Oh the irony.


Next, a movie version of Pirate Cinema - I can see that working really well, entirely unchanged… :wink:



/insert Transformers cacophonous sounds.


Well I do hope they give you a million trillion dollars. I think you’ve earned it.


Yeah, Cory! That’s fantastic news. Congratulations man! Now we just hope they don’t screw it up!


Super congrats - that is fantastic news!