Little girl mistakes discarded water heater for a robot


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“Robot loves you too. When we kill all humans, you shall be the last to perish.”


This is the cutest thing I have seen in quite a while. However, I am sure the internet has on it things that are even more cute. Suggestions, anyone?


Omigosh that’s adorable :smiley:



Where do they live that they pickup waterheaters curbside?


My garbage company provides two “oversize” pick ups a year on a schedule and you can get one or two year on demand as well.



I’ve had to learn not to take it personally that my daughter’s stuffed animals, books and markers get the same “good night ai [I love] you!” that I and her mother do…



In other news today, a robot mistook the human race for an infestation of inferior life forms and sterilized the entire planet. Film at 11.



The video gets cut off just as she is about to profess her love for the manhole cover.


Yeah, not sure manhole love is quite as family friendly fun…


Boston Dynamics really needs to start sticking two large, innocent eyes on all their monstrosities if they want them to be loved.


Sorry, child, wobot’s heart is full of corrosion and asbestos.



She, for one, welcomes our new robot overlords.


She’s drunk! Sorry, Will Ferrell’s ‘Landlord’ has ruined me.


Humanity mistakes deadly robot invasion for discarded water heaters except for one little girl who was the Cassandra of the ensuing tragedy.