Little rascals, ages 11, 12, and 16, busted for bank robbery

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They didn’t even have the courtesy to stack inside a trench-coat.


They’re criming at a 12 grade level. Excellent school.


Link is dead, but I found another: FBI hunt ‘the little rascal gang’ after 11-year-old robs bank in Houston | The Independent

I was trying to find out more details because it’s not a normal thing for a 12 year old, I’d think. No additional details, but I like this coverage of the story because it adds that:

It is not the first time Houston’s FBI office have slapped a nickname on a bank robber in the hope the public will recognise them. The force is also currently looking for the “Over the Hill Heister” for bank robbery.

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Spanky, Alfalfa, and Buckwheat?


When it comes to criminality, Buckwheat is scary.

I was a teller for a while, back in my college days. We were told to always assume someone giving you a threatening note is armed. Give them what’s in your cash drawer while also making sure to give them the trap $20 and the dye pack.


If it wasn’t their parents, it would be the gas station owner who sold $1000 worth of slushies and candy to a trio of kids.


“And we would have gotten away with too it if it wasn’t for you meddling grown-ups!”


My father briefly worked as a bank teller, in the 60s. For insurance purposes, they had pistols below the counter, and were sent to the range at regular intervals for target practice. They were also under strict instructions to never use the pistols to stop a robbery, so… :person_shrugging:




When I was ten or eleven I went to the bank with a friend and his mother (she was running errands; we were tagging along). I said to my friend, a little too loudly, that it would be funny to write “This is a robbery, put all money in the drawer in a bag” on the back of a withdrawal slip and put it back in the stack.

I was lucky I only got a stern lecture about how that was not amusing.


The third was nabbed following a street fight…

Hm. Possibly a case of “Take a look at my haul from that bank” leading to “No. Now it’s our haul.”

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Seriously, kids these days…
Back in the day, two would have pulled a bank job like this. And one of them would have waited outside. In the getaway car.

WOW! I’ve never heard of pistols below the counter! Yikes!

When I was working during the winter, a woman walked into our lobby wearing a ski mask. Fortunately, the manager recognized her and explained to her why it’s a bad idea to wear a ski mask into a bank.


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