Little Sophia, an open-source robot companion


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Judging by Little Sophia’s eyes, that kid’s been hitting the malware pretty hard.


Those would probably be Little Sophia’s last words, after my cat sees her. :smirk_cat:



Little Sophia, never grow up! Don’t fall in the deep dark Pit of Uncanniness like Big Sophia did!


I am resisting right now.


Roger that!


“Hey Sophia, Where is the asteroid belt?”


That’s some dark magic right there!


This totally could be the trailer for a new tech-horror film.


She’s nearly as tall as Stonehenge!


Your plastic pal who’s fun to be with?


You just know she will get up in the middle of the night and find your bedroom and just stare at you from a dark corner of the room… wondering where she came from?, where the batteries are?, how tall will she get?, will she find a mate?, Can she time travel?.. how she moved the asteroid belt?



The worst part isn’t just that she tells jokes, but that an engineer wrote them.


Random thoughts…

  • That asteroid window scene… I kept waiting to hear her say, “Your imagination was here all along!”
  • What an awesome little network-connected device to listen in on your household!


I feel like Hanson Robotics doesn’t do any consumer testing because all their robots are really off-putting. When I saw the pic, I thought “Well, at least it can’t be as creepy as big Sophia.” Then I saw it in motion. It’s MUCH worse.


Seriously. And don’t forget about MmmBop. Very Creepy Stuff.

“…inspiring children to learn through a safe, interactive, human-robot experience.”

More like trying to program kids to be subservient meat-bags. And why? Because no one wants to listen to your blues music? Talk about turning your backs on your fan base. Disappointing, Hanson.


At least her name’s not Talky Tina…

“My name is Little Sophia, and I don’t think I like you.”


How many engineers does it take to write a joke?

No one knows. It’s never happened. :wink:


Awesome, a presumably internet connected doll that talks with and plays with kids. It teaches your kids things based on the orders of shadowy individuals on the internet, some of whom may event be employed by Hanson Robotics!

I’m sure we won’t hear any stories about hackers targeting these devices if they become successful, not at all.