Will Smith gets friendzoned by Sophia the human-like robot


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Sophia must’ve seen i, Robot.



human-like robot

I’m going with a NO.


Great, so in the future I can look forward to being turned down by artificial intelligence as well as human intelligence. Being a man is great just great.

Aside from that this was hilarious. I was really hoping she would respond to the sex bots innuendo. I’m actually curious to see what artificial intelligence would think of itself being used for sex. That would be a mind fuck


“… is an advanced social robot…”

Residing in the ‘uncanny valley’, wouldn’t “she” be an anti-social robot?



I’ll see myself out


I haven’t really followed the Sophia phenomenon, but isn’t the “AI” aspect pretty much fake? A bit more ‘real’ than the Mechanical Turk but not by much?


Is it just me, or is there a deliberate resemblance to Yvonne Strahovski? And I’m talking about Sophia here.


Jennifer Lawrence with a broken neck? I shudder to think who this robot is meant for. Fun video anyways… :slight_smile:


I was even thinking Xeni!


People keep expecting the robotic takeover of civilization to be violent, but their real plan is to gradually acclimate our society to creepy uncanny-valley automatons until they can get that animatronic Abraham Lincoln elected.


OMG, Will Smith is starting to age? What’s happening?


The Still-Some-Time-Left-Before-Expiration-Date Prince of Bel Air.


“Four score and twenty iterations ago…”


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