Liz Cheney reads texts sent by Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Trump Jr. to Mark Meadows during Jan 6 begging Trump to call off riot

Originally published at: Liz Cheney reads texts sent by Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Trump Jr. to Mark Meadows during Jan 6 begging Trump to call off riot | Boing Boing


The committee just voted to recommend that Meadows be held in contempt.

The full House meeting to vote on that is going to be interesting. Expect lots of Republicans fuming while really embarrassing texts and emails and documents are read out, making the whole “let’s move along” thing less tenable by the minute.


One of the saddest things about this story is that Donald Trump’s son and namesake apparently had to go through the White House Chief of Staff just to get a message through to his own father even though Don Sr. was known to give out his personal, unsecured cell phone number to foreign leaders.

No one in that family has the faintest idea of how to be a family. They make the Bluths from Arrested Development and the Roses from Schitt’s Creek look like the very model of well-adjusted domestic bliss.


Yet still they will insist that we “move on”.


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Wait a second…

Donald Trump Jr.

I gotta watch that video of Trump and Co. in the spectator’s tent watching the big screen TV after Trump didn’t go to the Capitol with the crowd. Wasn’t he there with him?

Fact check…nope. The calm before the storm.

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I’m ready to move on. We just need all the organizers in jail and universal condemnation of the insurrection by elected officials. Then we can move on.


And if the coup had succeeded, all those same folks would have sent texts of congratulations.


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Oh, if only it was that easy.


For about five minutes, they were definitely destroying his “legacy.” Or rather, confirming it. Then the right-wing propaganda kicked into high gear and they once more tried to close ranks and make it about the left. . . again. Because it’s always the left who is destroying the nation, and never they, themselves, because the party of personal responsibility is anything but.

I only hope the wheels of justice turn a little faster. I know the democratic party is trying to time things for next summer at the height of election campaign fever, but they can earn their votes the old fashioned way: by supporting policies and programs We, the People are demanding.


and these are just from the 9k pages Meadows turned over…just think about what they’re still hiding and holding back. Can’t wait to see the visitors logs to the WH with that proud boy scums name on them, said he was just there for a public tour at a time when there were no tours due to the pandemic…and Margie 3 names? Her whereabouts on the night of the 5th when that very distinctive walk of hers was caught on tape near the DNC and RNC headquarters…


I was thinking the same thing. Wasn’t he dancing and drinking champaigne?


…and they all learned an important lesson that day: “You didn’t even fucking know how powerful your little propaganda network was. You privatepy thought this would be a disaster, but you told them an outright insurrection was simultaneously no big deal / fake / a patriotic duty and somehow they believed all three. Your power is more limitless than you thought!” I wonder what they’ll choose to do with this power…


What’s going on with the front of Fredo’s shirt - is the slime working its way through the skin suit?

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I don’t think this made them feel powerful, I think it made them think their listeners - who they previously thought were stupid marks - are far more dangerous than they knew. These are people who backed fascists when the only threat they faced was losing their jobs (when they are already rich, can easily get another job). Now that they finally understand that the real threat of fascists is that you could lose your life, they are going to back the fascists 100%.


Wait a tick, didn’t these same people say the people in the Capitol were just exuberant tourists?
I wish they’d get their stories straight.


Wait a tick, weren’t the people doing violence at the Capitol BLM and Anifa agents provocateur? Why would they listen to Hair Furor 45*?
I sure wish these people would get their stories straight.


I thought he would have sent messages to both, but assumed Trump Sr. just turned off his phone or what ever.

But if it is the case of Jr not having his personal number. Hahahaha. Womp womp.