Local racist angry at protestors in Orange, Texas


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It takes some guts to protest the Confederacy in Texas.

Serious respect to the protestors for staying calm and allowing the gentleman to shout himself into 15 minutes of internet infamy. I’m glad he wasn’t armed.


Where does one begin to break down the cognitive dissonance it takes to frame one’s anger at protesting a Confederate war memorial as being upset that the protesters are “ruining” this country and if they don’t like it they should leave?

Trick question. You don’t. You just wait for the man ensconced in denim and knock-off Oakleys to die and hope that eventually more decent people come out to vote than people like him.


Nice swagger in his step there as he walks away. 'merica!


Oh, I wouldn’t assume he wasn’t.

Aye. While the Civil War is the more infamous, the Texas Revolution was fought in part over rising tensions between slave-holding Anglo settlers and the Mexican Republic, which sought to curtail the practice of slavery.

The young Republic even went so far as to make it illegal for slave-holders to free their slaves without an Act of Congress, and for free black people to reside in Texas at all.

Texas didn’t enslave as many people as other Southern states, but those it did it enslaved with zeal.


Those relaxed-fit Sketchers had some oomph behind them, huh?


I just love this image…

Does he spray when he speaks?
From which hole?


Ah, those must be the ten-foot-poles nobody wants to touch him with.


So ironic that he is invoking Jesus - a brown skinned arab with a jewish mother.


It’s ironic that such humans love to exercise their right to free speech to shame other people into not using it while supporting a political party in favour of curtailing it for everyone. The irony level can’t even see 9000 in it’s rear view mirror right now.

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Um… Texas, please tell me why a confederate memorial is being built? this is America. We defeated them. And on MLK Blvd. Please, just don’t.


Spores from his mushroom.


“We hate this country? Wait, which country are you tallking about, the United States, the Confederate States, or the Republic of Texas?”

“Destroying our heritage? So does that mean the Russians shouldn’t have torn down all those statues of Stalin?”


Was Jesus an Arab? Arabs are Semites but not all Semites are Arabs, I thought? I mean officially Jesus has no father other than God, so I’m not sure why we bother with trying to racially identify him. But I think yes, by contemporary American standards he would have been a brown dude from the Middle East/West Asia. I just don’t remember hearing the assertion he was an Arab before.


I guess I’ve never entirely understood Texas’ role in the Civil War. Sam Houston, though problematic (as you point out) for other reasons, was an anti-secessionist. Texas thanked him for his service by tossing him out and jumping into the Confederate cause, though as far as I can tell, it wasn’t much to their benefit and their focus remained largely on their Southern border.

The monument being protested appears to be this one:

Full transcript of the encounter here:


Because this is exactly the type of verbal attack that signals a cracker-head is about to start strafing crowds. :expressionless:


Mr. Angry belongs on Twitter


two points…

  1. “Y’all don’t give a damn about anyone else’s beliefs but your own”: So why is it he is so pissed off about their beliefs and wants them out of the country? Isn’t that exactly what he is accusing them of?

  2. I am from the North. So…dude…Confederate monuments are NOT my heritage. Just saying. Just because they are yours, doesn’t mean they are everyone’s. Please stop speaking for the whole country.


It takes a big (stupid, hateful, etc.) man to be proud of his “heritage” on the losing side of a horribly racist, abominable war.

Hopefully he gets the anger management/jail time/hugs he so desperately needs!