Local racist angry at protestors in Orange, Texas


Well that and he could use a talking to from actual Texans.


The weird part to me is that 21st Century Republicans have chosen to identify with the losers even though the Republican Party was on the victorious side of that conflict.

I wonder if 22nd Century Democrats will proudly proclaim that their ancestors fought against marriage equality.


Well, if you are the type of person that judges by appearances, then there wouldn’t be a whole lot of difference between Jesus and an Arab.


To demonstrate the absurdity of “white Jesus”.


Yeah, he almost certainly looked a lot more like Osama bin Laden than Brad Pitt.


The project will have a difficult time with one stated purpose, to “honor Civil War veterans,” being that the last one died over half a century ago.

As for its other, to “educate visitors on history,” I seriously doubt there will any mention of perpetuating slavery, even though it was consistently mentioned in the lead up to secession. Post civil war, “states rights” revisionism took center stage.


I was actually waiting for him to die WHILE watching the end of the clip, but unfortunately no passing motorists obliged.


It’s not even the first time I’ve heard a rant like this, that unironically equates the Confederacy, an enemy of the United States, with the United States itself. My mind boggles each and every time.


Kowtowing to “America’s heritage!” Ask any free thinking citizen of the Republic of Texas, and they’ll tell you this man is a lily livered daffodil.


Up until the last moment, they did.


The thing that gets me most is his unbridled, raw rage. This guy wasn’t just a little pissed, he was mouth-frothingly, genuinely angry at…something. When I watch a video like this, I’m always afraid someone like this is about to go off the rails and hurt someone.


And Lincoln once claimed he had no plans to end slavery in the places where it was then practiced, but that’s not the position we remember or celebrate him for.


That ground looks awfully wet. Sure this helicopter can fly in these conditions?


And an absentee father


The line I always heard in Catholic school was that Abraham’s son Ishmael was the father of the Arabs, (with his brother Isaac renamed “Isreal” and the father of the twelve tribes). Semitic people descended from Shem, one of Noah’s sons, and an ancestor of Abraham. That would make the Arabs semitic, but not all semitic peoples Arabs.
But of course, this all just complete bullshit. Both in the biblical sense and in the racial sense.


A lot of people use “Arab” and “Middle Eastern” interchangeably, which is kind of like calling everyone from Europe “Scandinavian.” As far as I’m aware, Jesus wasn’t said to be from the Arabian peninsula.


Maybe if it can manage an umbrella.


Well – it’s very likely BS, or at the very least highly exaggerated. Or maybe it’s the literal truth from a genealogy perspective. I doubt we will ever know.


He comes off as unhinged…almost as if he might…take a gun into a nightclub or synagogue and just start shooting.


This is almost certainly a person who has a lot of pent up rage and hurt that actually relates more to hurt he himself has experienced, and likely has nothing to do with race, and almost certainly has something to do with his relationship with his parents. Karma’s interesting in how it manifests!

As a nondualist, a can appreciate that this person is worthy of my love as he is just as much an aspect of The One as I am, and simultaneously, I can do everything in my power possible to work against everything this person stands for.

That’s the perspective from this Advaitin Aspirant, anyway!