Long-lost H.P. Lovecraft manuscrupt found


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In case people are wondering why Houdini wanted to have a book (even if ghostwritten) attacking superstition, it is because he became quite angry about supposed “psychics” after his son died and his wife started to get into seances. After attending a couple, Houdini realized that they were using the same techniques that he used to entertain audiences but were using them to extort money from grieving people. He started the trend (continued today by James Randi) of stage magicians taking down claimants of paranormal powers.


Wasn’t he basically killed by thugs from these mediums? I don’t know if it was intentional or not especially given he used to do an iron man schtick where he could take blow after blow to the gut, and this guy clipped him and made his appendix burst.

I rather like that he made a set of secret words/things that only a very few people would know to avoid the rather telling habit of critics suddenly post mortum becoming supportive of the notion according to mediums. It is sad though that his wife was so far into this stuff.

Frankly I wish we had a showman like Houdini debunking that long island bitch. Someone that could beat her at her own game not just with facts (which the crowd she’s after tends to be inddiferent to) but also showmanship to hold their attention. That is where Houdini’s anti-mystacism campaign excelled (Madam F. Rod (fraud.) Inviting mediums and mystics on stage. Demonstrating the how of their doing things and reading people, that sort of thing.

We need that now.



There are Things Man was Not Meant to Know.


“So far we don’t know any details of what it’s about. Every person we’ve assigned to examine it has gone crazy.”

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:


Pssst, Rob, spelling:


I was ready to make a joke about how wasn’t this just going to be a racist screed, when I read the last paragraph and realized it was.

Le sigh.


Sounds like Windows.


I think this is an Alan Moore short story. Actually it’s almost too cheesy.


I thought HPL was no longer considered acceptable here?


Being the recipient of deserved criticism ≠ thrown down the memory hole


That’s just the past tense of manuscript.


Today, I manuscript. Yesterday, I manuscrupt. Tomorrow, I manuscropt.

Is that correct?


Tsk - English syntax! Tomorrow, I will manuscript. Ablaut is only used for the past tense.


It’s the accusative declension.

O manuscrie, how lovely thou art! (Voc.)
The manuscript sits on the table. (Nom.)
I set the manuscrupt on the table. (Acc.)
The manuscrept supporter is a table. (Gen.)
The table is beneath the manuscrimpt. (Dat.)
I topped the table with a manuscrompht. (Abl.)


Now, now… About the only case we have left for regular nouns in Modern English is the genitive. It’s obviously a verb, although the headline is a bit terse - they found that H. P. had manuscrupt a bit more than they had previously believed.

Edit: I’m not sure why Lovecraft is considered “long-lost”, though.


Man, my university really is providing me with a sub-par education.


I think you mean educution.


Thanks for fixing that for me!

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