Look at this goofball complain about the coming New World Order that will stop her from putting "F**k Now Biden" stickers on gas pumps

No, that still doesn’t have “now” in it. The people who like that phrase display no such playfulness, imagination, or curiosity.


See, there are two kinds of that.
There is freedom from and freedom to…

Had I had a choice as to my place of birth I’d’a chosen
freedom from. Nobody asked me.

Well, 17th according to https://www.cato.org/human-freedom-index/2020 anyway.

I’ve seen this claim before, but how do we actually know this is a real policy and not just folklore?

I live on the Canadian border, I can see Canada from my house. Most days there are more border patrol vehicles driving around than local police. We have cameras up and down the border and there is no where you can boat without being on some sort of camera.

In order to pull you over(federal agents) away from the actual border crossing they still need probable cause but they can set up checkpoints away from the border and check everyone as if it were a border crossing.

When our duaghter was in high school the school was right on the river separating US and Canada. Many days they would announce which roads to avoid on the way home because there were checkpoints set up.

So it’s kind of a myth but kind of not.

I remember as a teenager taking the boat across, filling it up with beer and bringing it back without ever being caught. Now if you even drift across the border fishing you can expect a visit from Canadian Customs or Coast Guard. My how the world has changed.


Who says that she doesn’t do these things and worse?

A slight correction. ‘they still need to claim that they have probably cause’. They will never be forced to prove it.


Needs moar lip gloss.

Also: a society where we’re watched and tracked everywhere we go? That sounds like the society we’re currently living in.

I mean, I’ve personally been detained and searched without probable cause by local cops—they can really do whatever they want, the limitations are actually on whether courts can use what they find to convict us of crimes later


Old World Order: be an asswipe.
New World Order: don’t.
Choose wisely.

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