Looking for work?


I hear the White House is hiring:


I am not that desperate yet… honesty I think living in a van down by the river would be preferable to that.


The questionaire is hysterically funny.


Actually, I am surprised that the Left aren’t applying for a job there in droves, getting hired, and then bringing all the other Progressives into the office for some hijinks. That would be mind-blowing. You could, like, protest on the job, and tape powerfully-worded placards and posters on your office doors, and be one of those “paid protestors” they keep telling me about.


It’s covered:

“Why are you applying for this job (check all that apply)”

"[ ] Naive and ultimately tragic belief that you can change things from the inside."


I got to wonder how much low-level fuckery you could get away with there.

Stuff like, randomly swapping all the numbers on the conference room doors because “new security measures”, or collecting all but ten sheets of paper from each printer and copier because “efficiency program - cutting out waste”.


Probably get a promotion with this mob, LOL.


Well, the Potomac isn’t too far away…:smirk:

But yeah, that would be quite a feat with Secret Service crawling all over the place.


Sounds like the work of R.A. Wilson’s character Markov Chaney.


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