Los Angeles man sues women over negative Facebook dating group posts

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If one of the people you’ve dated writes bad things about you online then there could be a problem with that person. If a whole bunch of people you’ve dated write bad things about you online then it’s time to face the probability that there’s something very wrong with the way you interact with other human beings.


Thanks to the Streisand Effect, he will probably never go on another date again. So yeah, well done Facebook group!




From what I can find he has a PhD. But it sounds like he has no rea smarts. (OH NO! Guess I’m next)


I suppose that suing the women to whom he behaved like a dickhead is his next logical dickhead move. Anything but him considering the possibility that he might be the problem.

Part of the impetus for the Facebook group seems to be an unfortunately futile attempt to convince the dating platforms to kick jerks like him off the platforms. Until that happens he’ll continue trying to inflict himself on other women.


Or he’s just a misogynistic dick?


Amazing to see someone that combines such a massive lack of self-awareness with a massive lack of awareness of the Streisand Effect. Stewart Lucas Murrey is going to be known throughout the lands as a seriously creepy dude who harasses and then sues his dates, thanks entirely to his own actions. (Hope the women who had the misfortune of going on dates with him get lots of emotional and financial support as a result, too.)

He’s probably been encouraged by the whole MAGAt backlash to the Me Too movement - which liked to publicly showcase guys who were clearly creepy abusers as innocent men wrongly accused (over and over and over again, for some reason)*.

*One of whom was recently arrested for murdering and dismembering a woman, who he is also accused of horrifically abusing for years. Yeah, that should be a sign to the MAGAts that they’re on the wrong side of the issue (and reality) here, but they don’t actually care that these dudes they’re championing are guilty as hell.


This guy has taken his DARVO to court in a state with an anti-SLAPP statute, and it sounds like the women have the receipts. :thinking: I wish the women happy countersuit success and large monetary judgements in their favor.


This guy will be a hero to incel community. May they all RIH together.


I’m terrible at dating too. I wonder if this could be a new revenue stream for me. I’m still trying to figure out this whole gig economy thing.


That woman in the lead image has every right to be suspicious.

That’s totally the same woman, right!?!


Came in to make the same claim. It is indeed she.


Sounds like in this particular case this guy is in the “find out” stage of FAFO. Let me say that I am fully in the Believe Victims camp.

But let’s not blindly believe everything that is said in these Facebook groups. I’ve been married for almost 20 years and out of the dating pool so I have no personal experience, but I have friends who have been the victims over-the-top behavior from bitter credulous mobs in these toxic ass groups.

One friend had a year-long relationship end badly. A simple case of two people trying to make it work but failing thru no one person’s fault. But his ex took it upon herself to go full scorched-earth afterwards. Posted all kinds of blatant falsehoods (blatant lies about events and occasions that I was present for that absolutely did not happen as described) to groups like these and encouraged her friends (including some who have never even met my friend) to make up stories of having dated him. Sicced dozens of her minions on him. Got him banned from a handful of dating apps with false reports. Had people calling his workplace and making up stories of stalking and abuse. My friend was receiving daily screenshots from other women he knew with his photo attached to a completely fabricated story posted to our local chapter of a group like this. Truly baffling, infuriating stuff. Almost drove him to suicide because he could not get out from under the onslaught.

No accountability. No verification. Just post anonymously in these online echo chambers and let nature take over. My friend has no recourse. He’s gotten a lawyer to send C&D’s but the admins of these groups are all fake accounts and therefore impossible to pin down, legally. The ex filed for a restraining order against him, even after they’d had no contact for months. Her primary allegation? That he was “stalking” her… by showing up to the same bars he’d been frequenting for years on nights she happened to be there. He had to provide witnesses in court to refute her stories of events that either never happened at all, or she had twisted into a gross misrepresentation of what actually went down. Claiming HE had approached HER clear across the bar, for example, when he had never even gotten up from the table. (Security camera footage from the bar proved this.)

Crazy, crazy shit. And there’s nothing he can do. He’s in a much more positive and fulfilling relationship now but still getting blowback from this toxic person with whom he’s had no contact for going on 18 months now.

I’m sure some people here will make me into some kind of villain for defending my friend. Those people are simply wrong. I fully believe it’s good that women create spaces where they can share stories and warn each other about bad men. But there is a sensible position to be taken between believing victims of abuse and just blindly accepting anything an aggrieved person says as fact. S’all I’m sayin’.


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