Lou Dobbs: Trump should 'declare a national emergency and simply sweep aside the recalcitrant left'


“No, because that was different, because reasons.”
/so very much sarcasm that I am sobbing inside…


No national emergency until the Reichstag is on fire.


I think it’s more likely that they’ll try for the “We did our best, but the deep state screwed us!” line.


There’s the rub: if he uses emergency powers and the GOP lets him, it’s a signal that they’ve all decided there won’t be a next Democratic President. Ever.


Pics or it didn’t…

Okay, that should do it.


You know, one thing I’ve been asking myself during all of this is “okay, so besides getting re-elected… which I’m not sure if he even wants, anymore… why would Donnie be so passionate about this dumb wall/fence idea? Outside of saving face, why stake everything on it?”

Ah, money. There you go.


There’s a bitter part of me that says “Oh just invest in Pharmaceuticals, Guns, Alcohol, and businesses that sell sugary snacks… that way I can make money off of the things that will kill them faster. It’s the only way these assholes are ever going to do anyone any good after all.” Unfortunately the rich ones get lots of medical care so they keep resurrecting like Dick Cheney.


I’ve been wondering about that. Like honestly the people who believe and support him are so unbelievably dumb and so completely unable to check reality against some one’s claims… so why not just tell them the wall is built, paid for by Mexico, and let them celebrate their leader until we can get rid of their access to power by getting rid of this fucking fool Trump.


Thank you for finding this piece in particular.
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Yes, the whole Russian oligarchs profiting courtesy of our current regime in the White House is just the gift that keeps on giving.

How much money nay how much wealth is enough for one person? one family? are Russian oligarchs making up for lost time, given the public privations we know of Russian history in the past two centuries?




You nailed it.



Well, they did try to repeal the Affordable Care Act more than 50 times…


Considering how they spent 8 years complaining about Obama being a dictator, conservatives are awfully quick to give the President lots of power to subvert the democratic process.

Remember kids, any power you give a Republican President will be available for the next Democratic President.


Authoritarians gotta authoritative.

I wonder if centrists and moderates would be included in the sweep.


Also, the news now has Wall and Shutdown stories as the main focus.

A week before it was the developments in the Russian investigation.

If the shutdown had been avoided, it would have been a holiday week with no way for Trump to make any other big splash news juicier than the Manafort/Cohen stuff. No new laws to sign or initiatives to announce. Manafort would have been story one.

Shutting down the government is a similar presidential tactic here to starting a foreign war to distract from domestic scandal.


I don’t want to be the guy sitting in the corner who mumbles something during a heated conversation and everyone stops to listen but: You do know they’re not going to go quietly, right? You do know they will go to the extremes we’ve been joking about. They will go there and they will take us with them. Hang on to your shorts, kids.


That’s not so contradictory as it might initially seem. The paranoid style they’ve been sucking down in concentrated form for years has effectively convinced the American Right that they already live in a dictatorship. The only battlefield they see anymore is making sure it’s their dictator.


They could have repealed Obamacare within Trump’s first two years, and didn’t. They could have gotten funding for a wall if they agreed to a deal on DACA, and Trump nixed that. Why? Because “deals” to Trump are zero-sum games, it can’t be a “good deal” if his enemy gets anything out of it, it has to be “I win, you lose.” A shutdown was inevitable.


Absolutely. I know we all would prefer to go about our lives as if things were normal or (in the case of those for whom “normal” was never all that great) getting better. But if one lives anywhere where the forces of right-wing populism are resurgent, one has to be planning for contingencies. “Hope for the best, expect the worst.”

So don’t be afraid to be that guy. We need that guy.


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