Louis C.K. releases a film on his site about a gay and transgender youth gang

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that Louie, he’s a mensch.


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I’m just surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

Louis is a really cool guy, and I really hope this documentary gains a wider audience. I’ll have to check it out

Although I do give him points for addressing the issue on his “Louie” show, I still have trouble with his “why it’s OK for me to use the term ‘fag’” bit from earlier stand-up routines.

I worked on this, thanks for posting about it! Please watch.


Any comedian that treads on the edge of taboo humor is going to step over the line from time to time. I don’t think that necessarily excuses it, but that’s kind of the nature of it, and I at least try to judge them on the whole body of work and what I can gather from that.

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