Louisiana candidate for Senator burns up a confederate flag in this new kickass ad

Yup, that’s exactly why voter suppression is so key to Republicans’ hold on the South.


Yet, give them time, they working real hard to change your mind.


I really wanted to see that flag burn longer before the string snapped.


I have been wondering what the non south’s role is in all of this. Our country didn’t heal after the civil war, instead we have winners and losers. The winners are portrayed as educated and leading social causes and the losers are under educated and always seem to be unaware of the larger picture or always being told their beliefs are wrong. It’s no wonder these people hate Hollywood so much, the dumb southerner is an often used character, and even a lot of the smart southerners are portrayed as having overcome their own backwards upbringing. So one way to attempt to break this inferiority loop is to lean into the pride and reject the outside criticism.

I think this video is touching on all of this. Create a new prideful narrative that they helped build. Maybe the south can be great because of minorities, not in spite of them.

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The people who identify with the cause of the Confederacy are wrong. There’s no way around that and we shouldn’t sugar-coat it. Chattel slavery is one of the most evil things humanity has ever invented and anyone who thinks the Confederate flag represents their beliefs can fuck off and die.

What the South needs is more people like Mr. Chambers to stand up and say the Confederacy is an ugly part of our state’s past, not a part of its future.


Well sure, that’s obvious.
But I thought you were wondering aloud why many still hang on to this abhorrent past, and its something I wonder too.

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The governor is a Democrat (see also Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina) and that’s the same voter pool as the Senate elections.


maybe focus on your own extremists and your own history of racism, segregation, and bigotry? This isn’t just a “southern” problem, and thinking it is, is a major part of the problem…

Because people have been indoctrinated for well over a century to embrace white supremacy is why… just like the rest of America. :woman_shrugging:


Never said it was.



What’s so cringe? Isn’t that what we all want?

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Awkward Krieger GIF by Archer


Piss poor phrasing, perhaps…



I feel like that is a common phrase?

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Parse the sentence out and you will find the problem. Or don’t and take people’s word for it. Subbing in “minorities” in that phrase in that order is disparaging.


Yeah, I was just gonna reply with this.

This guy burns a lot of different stuff in his campaign ads, and I’m here for it.


“Unbuttoned History” is an old “history podcast”, made before podcasts became “professional”. They included a series of episodes called “atrocity deathmatches”. They couldn’t do many of these becase the research depressed them, but the ones they did were good.

I liked this one in particular (saved on the Internet Archive): Apartheid vs. Jim Crow

As someone who spent his childhood in Apartheid South Africa (with my parents under explicit governmental threats of imprisonment or worse), I thought it wouldn’t be much of a contest. But by the end of that episode, I was persuaded that JIm Crow was actually worse than Apartheid.

That ad is a reminder that the full history of America should be taught and our own ugly, institutionally codified prejudices need to be remembered and changed. Gary Chambers may not be Louisana’s next Senator, but he should be.


No disrespect intended to anyone. Sorry all.

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Two reasons Jon Bel Edwards won: the other candidate was shit, and Edwards is pro life.