Luke did not need a god damn beard trimmer


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Poe Dameron is a war criminal.Dameron did more to kill the Rebellion/Resistance than Palpatine and Vader combined

Not that i don’t believe you, i do because Poe is very impulsive but i’m having a hard time remembering if there’s any one specific example of Poe being responsible more a large number of deaths. Is it from the last movie or The Force Awakens?


The Snokes personal guard fight scene may well have been the worst combat choreography in the entire Star Wars series. I was thinking those helmets really did have 1/32" eye slits, it wasn’t a postproduction edit or one-way visors - but maybe it was poorly trimmed beards blocking their vision?


Palpatine and Vader never beat the Resistance so far back on their heels that all they had left is the Millenium Falcon.


Ah so in reference to the last movie then, ok that’s what i thought :slight_smile: Thanks!


I didn’t like the fight scenes in the prequels, they felt overly complicated, impractical, and too showy. I saw the last jedi movie twice and i enjoyed the fight scene both times but not that i’m saying you’re wrong… you’re entitled to your opinions :slight_smile: seems like a number of people didn’t enjoy the last movie but i found to be really great, especially when compared to The Force Awakens which i really really hated.


Poe sacrificed the entire bomber fleet to take out the Dreadnaught, then broke direct orders to send Finn & Rose on a half-baked secret mission that ended up costing the lives of most of the surviving rebels by allowing Benicio Del Toro to betray the resistance. If not for Poe then the evacuation to the mineral planet likely would have gone off without a hitch. (Granted, the Vice Admiral could have prevented that outcome by just letting Poe in on her plan from the beginning but she was under no obligation to do so.)



I had a hunch that’s what it was but i wasn’t sure. Didn’t sleep great last night so i’m slow on the uptake today.

I think number-wise of people dead though i want to say in The Force awakens the empire definitely is responsible for more destruction and death with the Starkiller base blowing up several planets.


I think that R2 unit is a repurposed vibrator.



The top one is red, so obviously it’s a Sith Light Shaver. (Plus, all those blades.)


Those are not beard trimmers. Those are shavers. Good thing, because Luke did not have a beard to trim.

Kenobi probably had a beard trimmer.


The lameness is strong in this one.
Do not want.


“Hey, you’re not permitted in there, it’s restricted.”


I’m pretty sure Luke confronted Kylo with a freshly trimmed beard. He looked less like a hermit anyway.


@jlw I can sympathize with a hermit-like existence. Both Kenobi and Yoda did it. However that milk dripping from his beard after drinking straight from the teat felt very weird and gratuitous.


Until you try it, I guess.


He didn’t though. That was Luke’s mental picture of himself when he was Ben Solo’s teacher. He looks younger… i.e: his beard isn’t gray, his hair is cut, etc. He’s even using the light saber that was destroyed a few scenes earlier.


That’s what I THOUGHT happened!

But the movie kept framing him as a hero after that :confused: Leia practically annointed him as her successor. I concluded I must have misunderstood the plot …