Luke's Mandalorian fight synced to Luke's theme

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Awesome. Much better with Luke’s theme. But not long for the world with two copyright violation in one. Better hurry before it’s taken down for either or both of the Mandalorian video or the New Hope soundtrack violation. First time I have seen 30 seconds of blank silence at the start in an attempt to evade the automatic filters. Hope it works (at least for a while).


It would have given the game away a bit early, but a great reveal! Chills, I tells ya, chills!


Chills for sure, i’ll give ya that but we knew it was Luke by this point - the hand and green saber being dead giveaways, the fighting style with use of force powers for the Star Wars connoisseurs.

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Yeah, they likely wouldn’t have lost any element of surprise by playing the theme.

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I liked the juxtaposition of the vulnerability in Luke’s theme with the visuals of him fighting like a Vader-level badass. It gives his character depth. I wondered if every time Luke cut loose like that, he was thinking about how this kind of violence had taken his father closer to the Dark Side and how he too was at risk.

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