Luxurious end-of-world shelters for the super rich


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Okay everyone, let’s pull a “War of the Worlds” style broadcast for the “elites”. Once they’re locked away and “safe” we can pour concrete over the place and get back to work.


A rich fool and his money are soon parted.


“My, what a nice prison you have.”


I have to pay to live in Indiana? For a whole year?

They should pay me!


What happens when the year is up and they run out of everything?
As if I can’t guess.


For only $10000 extra we will store not one, not two but three buckets of potato soup for you!


Idiots! Now I know where to attack during the apocalypse.


At that point this inconvenient end-of-the-world should have blown over, and the survivors will be ready to rebuild. Needless to say they have no chance of that without the expertise, guidance, and bank accounts of the super rich. The poor will have learned their lesson and be falling over each other to work for the occasional check.

Hey, as it says in the linked Vice article:

Hiding in a bunker as the rest of humanity falls apart because they failed to prepare as you did is, in some ways, the ultimate libertarian fantasy.
If you're as great as the geniuses in Atlas Shrugged, and obviously the super rich must be to have so much money, why shouldn't you be able to ditch your parasitic society and watch it collapse too?


Then the upper 1% of the shelter group can survive for another year eating the lower 99% of the group, of course. You know Ayn Rand wants you to; it’s only fitting and rational.

Eat the Rich.


It’s like “A Boy and His Dog” (the only movie Don Johnson was halfway good in). Written by Harlan Ellison, it’s an absolute must see movie.

Or watch the movie on The You Tube:,d.eXY


As the video says, it’s basically a luxury hotel for 80 people. You’re going to need staff, people to cook and clean and maintain the electronics and plumbing, as you would at any hotel: you’re looking at a dozen people, minimum, to keep up an operation of that size. Either you give up some space to the menials, which should go over very well with the people who paid $50K each for the privilege, or you draft the traumatized residents to do all that work for which they haven’t been trained and aren’t prepared, a draft which will doubtless favour the men and the lifetime wealthy.

Either way, there will be a class war inside that facility in a month, tops.




Price point seems way low. My rich uncle (not 1%, more like 20%, but still) is looking at a retirement community that requires a $200,000 deposit). Maybe the super rich aren’t that worried about the end of the world. Which would explain the Koch bros attitude toward climate change, for example.

Also @yourunclegeo: A Boy and His Dog is definitely apropos.


Definitely. What are they doing, allowing any old riff-raff in? Unless …

Ah - I see!


That’s what I was thinking. A good RV will cost ya more than that, and those come in real handy during SHTF situations.

Plus, there’s a loophole. Sign your kids up now for the $10k discount, and when the zombie apocalypse doesn’t come for 20 years, your kids will be sitting pretty!


“The deluxe bathrooms have a look and feel reminiscent of a high end hotel.”

I didn’t know Holiday Inn was so high end…


Here’s an idea: could we stage an announcement at Davos or wherever the owners of the world hang out? The end is upon us, hurry hurry to the survival bunker! Then have a mishap with a full load of concrete…


I’ll mark this down on my map as a protein source, Eat well, 1%ters


A month…hah! Probably more like 3 days.