Luxury toilet paper industry is flush with cash





Where’s the dislike button, WHERE?


Why? Do you think the luxury toilet paper moguls would care? They will wipe their asses with your opinion and real dollars.


To hell with toilet paper. I installed a bidet attachment and I’ll never go back to scrubbing my balloon knot with paper.


If you read the linked article, it’s not talking about some super ultra luxury product, but like 3 ply Charmin with lavender scent.

The gist of the article is that these fancy TPs are a small splurge in a down market, the way women will buy more lipsticks when the economy is down as a little pick me up.

My personal pick is this one because I hate tubes:


And thus the gold bidets industry was born.


With a cross-marketing deal with Evian®


Well shit!


I hate tubes as well, so scraping!


2-ply counts as luxury? I didn’t realise I was all fancy because I don’t like my finger breaking through the paper…


Two-ply as a luxury item feels like an excuse to stretch the definition in order to make a silly headline.
I was gobsmacked, on moving here, to find that 1-ply is still a thing in the US. I got in trouble from my wife for buying it by accident :frowning:


Am I the only one that hates thick fluffy toilet paper?


Now, just see how much money people would save if they just switched to using the three seashells.


I prefer to fill my gold bidet with champagne.


Not just any toilet paper is appropriate […] The best paper to use is that which is wound tightly, has the correct size cardboard tube both diameter and length, and is firm and hard to the squeeze.

If you want to use it as an oil filter, anyway.


Ah, I’m from England, I don’t think I’ve ever seen 1-ply for sale, that’s why I thought it was so weird 2-ply was counted as luxury.


No. It’s a cleaning product, not a bathrobe.


I use the basic single-ply stuff because it flushes better.

But even two/three-ply fluffy stuff flushes better than the wet wipes the TP industry is now pushing.


The heaviest TPs and any wet wipes (even ones marked “septic safe”) can mean a painful death for septic systems.


“…sales are now growing faster than…” Is such a meaningless statement. If you sell one item in the previous year and then two in the next you’ve experienced greater growth than a company that sells four million one year and five million the next.