M. Night Shyamalan's Glass is looking pretty good in this new trailer


A fun article from Five-Thirty-Eight about Shyamalan’s career from a few years back. The best bit?

Moving on, Shyamalan would go on to make “The Happening.” The twist in this movie is that Mark Wahlberg was cast to play a person qualified to teach children about science.


Aha, so it will be a movie.

Fair enough, thank you for letting us know.


I’m liking Marvel putting disinformation in its trailers to maintain some surprise.


I don’t consider myself an apologist. His films have been very inconsistent from really good to, WTF?

But Split was solid. Unbreakable was great. I have high hopes for this as well. Doesn’t hurt that I love Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis.


I heard that his last few movies ranged from decent to good, i would like to see Split in particular and i hope Glass lives up to the hype.


Yeah, I mean, good or bad, what you get from Shyamalan is something you haven’t seen before. I like the weirdness of the ideas he tinkers with, if not always the execution.


When I saw the trailer for Split I remember leaning over to my roommate and saying “Oh fuck no”

The cleche’ tropes in that trailer were just grating …


I actually like a lot of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, even Lady in the Water. That one suffered from poor marketing. It was marketed as horror film when it was a fairy tale he used to tell his kids at bed time. I loved Unbreakable. Spilt was ok, but it could have been so much more. I am pretty thrilled for Glass.


Unbreakable was just fantastic. Wonder if we saw the same movie?


I think I was just looking for a smarter commentary on superheroes than I was given.


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