Mad Feet brilliantly combines George Miller's Mad Max and Happy Feet


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My favorite George Miller film is Babe 2: Pig in the City. Just thought I’d share.


Brilliant. But I have to include:

Wish there was a better version available.


That was far better than I’d hoped it would be.

Happy Feet is a surprisingly rich and worthwhile movie. Happy Feet 2 is a weird ass fever dream. I have this theory that George Miller makes all of his sequels to sweet lovely movies on a coke binge.



Ha! Very cool, thanks for sharing.
BB needs more tap dance. jus’ sayin’.


I’ve always liked this one.


Sadly that is blocked in my country. But I will leave you this:


Perhaps this lower quality alternative will work:

Some bits are actually quite similar to the Kermit one, which was unexpected and fun to find out.


This best part of this was YouTube popping up “Buy or Rent on DVD” during the trailer. Oh how I wish this was true.



I found his version that works. Very Brasilian.


I’m a simple man: I see Paolo Conte, I upvote.

Compulsory follow-up:


That’s funny; I associate Paolo Conte to pre-WWII French-American jazz. But it’s true: that particular line of musical evolution basically decamped to Latin America in the '60s, where it flourished, whereas in Europe it was mostly killed by rock and prog.


Needs a “Beyond Thunderdome” mashup.


I want to see a Lorenzo’s Oil/Mad Max mashup.


i am disappointed only by the lack of “furry road” in the subtitle.


Penguins have feathers, not fur. Actually “Feathered Road” has a certain ring to it.


creepy whisper “Fly with me…”


if you’re sick, your head can be fuzzy, and your tongue can be furry. doesn’t mean literal fuzz and fur, only fuzz-like, and fur-like. but, i get why it would cause confusion.

“feather road” – or even just “penguin road” – might be a good compromise, as they keep the same number of syllables.

side note: both “syllable counting road” and “semantics road” were cult hits, but didn’t do so well in theaters.